What is soccer betting? Detailed soccer bets from A – Z

What is soccer bettingIf you want to play soccer betting online, you need to understand the types of soccer betting. This will help you visualize what you are playing and when you win/lose. If you are a lover of this type of sport. You may have heard phrases like soccer betting odds. How to bet on soccer European soccer over/under odds, etc. So what are soccer betting ? All answers will be in the article below at W88 .

What is soccer betting?

What is soccer betting? Soccer betting is a popular term in the field of dynamic betting, especially when players participate in betting on soccer matches. When talking about soccer odds, we often think of types of odds such as Asian odds, European odds, score odds, over/under odds, and many other types of odds.

Asian Handicap is a popular type of bet in soccer betting. It is often used to create balance between two teams with disproportionate strength. When participating in Asian handicap betting, players will bet on one of two teams or a draw, with the goal of predicting which team will win according to a specific scenario.

European odds, also known as spread odds, are another popular type of bet. This is a type of bet where players will bet on the final result of the match, including a draw. When participating in European handicap betting, players will have to predict which team will win or whether the match will end in a draw.

In addition, score bets and over/under bets are also popular types of bets in soccer betting. When participating in score betting, players will bet on the exact score of the match. Meanwhile, over/under betting involves predicting the total number of goals that will be scored in the match, whether it will pass a fixed threshold or not.

All of these types of bets create appeal for football bettors, and provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their knowledge and predictions about the match. However, participating in betting also requires understanding what soccer betting is? and the right feel to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

What is soccer betting?

What is soccer betting? Types of soccer bets today

Currently there are 3 popular types of soccer odds: Asian odds, European odds and soccer over/under odds.

Asian odds

Also known as handicap betting odds or handicap betting. On the most famous betting website in Vietnam, people often call Asian football odds HDP.

In Asian odds matches, the team’s handicap (higher handicap) is printed in red on the odds table. There are also some definitions such as soccer handicap ratio, which is the handicap of a strong team (high handicap) compared to a weak team. (below handicap) at a fixed rate

For example, if the table shows Bournemouth vs Manchester United: 0.94 * 1/4 * 0.91 it will be understood that Bournemouth’s Manchester United handicap is 1/4 if you take the score. Nmouth and if you win you will win at a rate of 0.94. On the contrary, if you catch Manchester you will win with a ratio of 0.91.

Asian odds is also divided into many smaller odds based on ball odds, such as:

  • Half Half Bet (1/4 of the balls): The top team will accept a draw for the bottom team when that team wins half the amount.
  • Half goal bet (1/2 goal): This means, for example, that the top team loses 1/2 goal to the bottom team. If there is a tie, the bottom team will win.
  • Odds 3/4 goals: The upper odds team odds the lower handicap team 3/4 goals. If the result is a draw, you will lose no matter which team you bet on. But if the team wins by 1 goal, you lose half the amount. If they win by 2 goals or more, you win everything.

Types of soccer bets: European odds

To read soccer odds online European odds are also known as “European odds”. Win – draw – lose ratio or 1×2 odds. In the betting system, people are abbreviated as 1×2.

Compared to Asian odds, European odds are considered easier to bet on. Because you only need to bet three bets: Home – Draw – Away. Then it depends on the match. Decide winner or loser

Over/Under Betting

Online soccer betting over/under It is also known as high-low betting or high-low betting. On online betting tables it is abbreviated as O/U.

In this bet You just need to guess Over or Under. Results are calculated based on the total number of goals in the first half. After each match, the home team issues a goal prediction report. If you bet on the actual total number of goals scored compared to the original high score. This means you choose high. Opposite. If the total number of goals is less than the home team’s set number, it means you bet on the under. Then rely on that to determine victory or defeat.


What is soccer betting? Explained in detail above in the article. Regardless of which bookmaker you have experience betting on soccer from. Basically, do you know what soccer betting is? There are the types of soccer bets that we mentioned above. Remembering exactly how to bet and determine wins and losses will help you clearly understand what you are playing. Be sure to choose a reputable bookmaker to avoid losing your winnings when betting!

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