What is European odds? Detailed European betting information for bettors

What is European odds? European odds are loved by many bettors. So do you clearly understand the concept of the European odds genre? Don’t worry, the article below from W88 will summarize detailed information for this type of bet so you can better understand what European odds is?. Surely the knowledge below will open your eyes.

What is European odds?

European odds is a popular term in the field of sports betting. When players participate in soccer match betting, they will often encounter the term “European odds”. So what is European odds? European Handicap is a popular form of betting and is considered the simplest way to bet on the outcome of a football match.

When you participate in European odds betting, you will have three basic options: home team wins, draw or away team wins. Each selection will have a corresponding odds. This means that if you bet on the home team to win and the home team actually wins, you will receive the amount corresponding to the bet placed.

Additionally, European odds can also be expressed as Asian coefficients. Helps players easily understand and compare with other types of bets such as Handicap bets, Over/Under bets, Over/Under bets, and many other forms of betting.

What is European odds 1×2? When you bet on European 1×2, you will choose one of the three results above. If you choose “1” and the home team wins, you win the bet. If you choose “x” and the match ends in a draw, you win the bet. Similarly, if you choose “2” and the away team wins, you will also win your bet.

The strength of European odds 1×2 is its simplicity and ease of understanding, suitable for both beginners and experienced players. However, this can also be a limitation because it does not provide as many detailed options as other types of odds such as Asian odds or over-under odds.

What is European odds?

What is the experience of playing European odds?

It must be said that to increase the winning rate when betting, W88 European odds are extremely important. Therefore, you need to know what is the experience of looking at European Odds? And learn tips from many previous players to improve your skills.

Find a reasonable time to check W88 European odds

Before the match takes place, bookmakers or experts will provide European odds so players can get information. Posting time will range from 3 to 4 days or a few hours. There are even some posts that are only 30 minutes apart. Therefore, if you want to bet on European odds at W88, you should choose posts as close to the match as possible. 

Betting content needs to be accurate

What is European odds? European odds bring you many benefits during the betting process. However, it is only really useful when players can correctly read the content of the bet. If you do not focus on betting, it will only waste a lot of time. At the same time, it will reduce the accuracy in betting.

Carry out betting continuously

Before the match starts, teams will show signs of changing their lineup. At the same time, they also changed their tactics and playing style. There will even be many other unexpected situations that arise. For example, being banned from participating in competitions, players being injured during practice…

Therefore, according to European betting experience, you should regularly update the odds. From there, we can promptly grasp changes before the match takes place.

Based on the team cycle to predict

The team’s cycle will affect the results of the next matches. Normally, a team’s cycle will be most clearly shown through that team’s performance and ability. This is also the best basis for you to evaluate the team’s capabilities. Therefore, the home team is considered one of the reliable factors for you to make judgments about the outcome of the match.

Experience in European odds

Things not to do when betting

When participating in W88 European odds, you need to note a few things you should not do. Only then can unnecessary mistakes be avoided.

You should not choose to follow the majority

This is an immutable thing that you should keep in your pocket. That means that, for these types of bets, every bettor knows how to predict the odds, so they will compete to jump in. However, in the end, only the bookmaker made money.

Do not make rambling bets

In W88 European odds, you absolutely should not bet rashly. Some people want to bet on multiple matches to increase their chances of winning or to get their money back. However, the reality is extremely harsh. Therefore, it is best to limit and stay away from some types of rambling bets by:

  • During certain time frames, you should only make a maximum of 3 matches.
  • Check your account balance regularly.
  • Before participating in betting, you should refer to some betting tips or shares from experts.


What is European odds? Answered in the above article. Don’t forget to practice regularly to improve your skills. Hopefully the above information about European odds is what? will help you gain a more open view of this type of betting. Register for W88 to receive more exciting information immediately!

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