What is Asian Odds? Top betting experience at bookmaker W88

What is Asian odds? Asian Handicap is a popular type of bet in soccer betting. So do you know what Asian Odds at W88 are like? How is this bet determined? In today’s article, we will share all information related to Asian odds. Please follow along to learn more about what Asian odds is and many experiences in predicting winning odds.

What is Asian Odds?

What is Asian odds? Asian Handicap is a bet in soccer betting and is known by many other names such as Handicap, Handicap odds, Macau, etc. Asian Odds is the choice of many bettors because the rules are quite simple but the odds are high. The win rate is very high.

Asian odds is often applied in matches where the two teams have a difference. Through the symbols on the odds board, players can identify which team is strong and which team is weak. Normally at W88, the house will mark strong teams in red and weaker teams in black.

To predict Asian odds accurately, you need to have skills and experience. You must clearly understand the information related to the match taking place to predict the exact result. In particular, in Asian odds there are many different odds. Players must clearly understand each specific case in order to bet with high results.

What is Asian odds?

What is Asian odds?

Asian Odds is a popular concept in the field of sports betting. Especially in the Asian region. When participating in sports betting, players will often encounter types of odds such as Asian odds. This is a form of betting where players not only bet on which team will win, draw or lose, but also take into account the difference in scores between the two teams.

When using an Asian odds, a team will be assigned a “handicap” and players will bet on whether that team can overcome that handicap or not. If the team overcomes the handicap, the player will win the bet; Conversely, if the team does not overcome the odds, the player will lose the bet.

Asian odds are widely used in soccer betting and are also applied to many other sports. Understanding how Asian odds works is very important for players participating in sports betting, allowing them to make accurate betting decisions based on a solid understanding of the betting market.

What is Asian ft odds 1×2?

Asian odds 1×2 represents possible outcomes in the match. Specifically, “1” usually represents the home team winning, “x” usually represents a draw, and “2” usually represents the away team winning.

So when combining the above factors, “Asian odds 1×2” usually refers to betting on the final result of the match based on Asian odds. When applying Asian odds, the biggest difference compared to European odds is the removal of the draw option from the odds, thereby helping players to bet on two teams more clearly.

How to play for newbies to understand what Asian odds is?

To predict Asian odds effectively, you must understand the details of each type of odds. Because for this bet there will be many odds corresponding to different regulations. Depending on each specific match, apply appropriate bets. Below we will provide detailed instructions on what is Asian odds? The most detailed and easy to understand way to read odds for you.

Ball bet

The same ball bet is a draw bet and can be said to be the easiest bet to play in Asian odds. This bet is applied when the two participating teams are considered to have equal strength. In other words, with this type of bet, no team will odds another team. Players will predict the outcome of the match: win, lose or draw.

 Odds ¼

The ¼ bet is one of the bets that many bettors choose when betting on soccer. This bet is also known by many other names such as 0.25 Handicap odds, Half Ball Bet, etc. With ¼ bet, there will not be a draw, but only 1 of 2 cases: win or lose. Therefore, when choosing this bet, you will only receive half the money if you win or if you lose, you will lose half the money.

Odds ½

This bet is also chosen by many people because the calculation method is quite simple. If you choose to bet on the upper team and this team wins, you will now receive all the money. You don’t need to care about what score difference that team wins. In case the two teams are tied, the player who chooses the underdog team will win.

Odds ¾

This is a half handicap and players need to pay specific attention to the scores of the two teams. If you choose the favorite team and this team only wins by 1 goal difference, you will only receive half the money. On the contrary, if you choose the lower option, you will lose half of your money. 

Revealing the experience of predicting winning bets What is Asian Odds?

To predict odds and apply them successfully to matches. You need to apply the betting experience that we will summarize below:

  • First, you must master all the rules of Asian betting. Because this is the key to helping you predict odds effectively, knowing how to read odds to apply correctly to each specific case.
  • In matches that are considered equal, you should not choose Asian odds. Because usually this bet is only applied in cases where the two teams have a difference with each other.
  • You should choose matches at major tournaments to collect a lot of information. At the same time, with big tournaments, bookmakers will rarely offer trap bets for you to stumble.
  • Before making a betting choice, you need to take the time to learn information related to the match. For example, about the starting lineup, players, recent form, history of most recent results,…


Thus, the article has detailed instructions on what Asian odds is and is easiest for you to understand. Hopefully this information about what Asian odds is will help you participate in betting more effectively. Register with W88 to participate in super attractive soccer betting.

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