What is a 2 handicap? Experience will always win!

What is a 2 handicap? Among the types of bets of the king of sports, the 2-goal handicap is the type of bet chosen by many gamers. The article below W88 will introduce information related to what is 2 handicap? How to play and some notes when playing this type of bet, please follow along!

Find out what is a 2 handicap?

What is a 2 handicap?. This type of bet only appears in soccer betting when there is a clear difference in strength between the top team and the bottom team, and there is a draw situation. Then the stronger team will handicap the other team by 2 goals. The team that loses by 2 goals will automatically be credited at the beginning of the match.

What is a 2 handicap

What is the way for gamers to win 2 handicap?

To better understand how to play 2 handicap? W88 will introduce some cases shown below for you to know and how to calculate this type of bet.

Normally, the house will create a 2-goal handicap table for bettors. Thus, the home team/top team will lose to the away team/bottom team with a handicap of 2 goals. Some cases that appear in a 2-out handicap are as follows:

The player bets on the home team with the upper bet. (Team handicap 2 goals):

If the Highest bet wins by 2 goals, it will be considered a draw and will be refunded.

If the above team wins with a difference of 3 goals or more, it is considered a win and all bets win.

If the upper side wins with a difference of 1 goal or the score is a draw or loss. It will be considered a loss and you will lose your entire bet.

Bet on the underdog team (Team with a 2-goal handicap):

If the underdog loses by 2 goals, it will still be considered a draw and you will get your money back.

If the underdog team only loses by 1 goal or draws or wins, the bet is considered a win and all bets win.

If the underdog loses by 3 goals, it is considered a loss and you lose your entire bet.

What is the way to play 2 handicap?

To know how to play 2 handicap? You follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the famous bookmaker W88 via the official link.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account at that playground. If you don’t have an account yet, click “Register” to create a new account.
  • Step 3: At the online betting website interface, select “Sports” -> Select the sports game hall you want to play. Then click on the “Soccer” category.
  • At the online betting website interface, please select “Sports”.
  • Step 4: Here you choose the 2 handicap.
  • Step 5: Finally, choose the bet level and desired bet amount and wait for the results.

What is the experience compiled from experts on how to play 2 handicap?

Theoretically, it is clear that the chance of winning this type of bet with each selection is about 30%.

So to be able to receive bonuses from the house. You will need to gather experience from previous generations for yourself.

You should only start betting after thoroughly considering, analyzing and researching most types of bets. And prepare yourself with some basic knowledge about the form of betting you choose.

Players must be alert to bet. A small tip is that you should limit putting money into doors with too high a reward rate. Because bonuses tend to vary depending on your chances of winning. If a bet has a higher payout, it means your chances of winning will be lower.

Another thing to note is that you should not bet solely based on emotions or luck. To increase the chances of winning, bettors must consider, research, and study the strategies and techniques of the teams in the rankings so that bettors can make the most accurate decisions about the amount of bets available. can.

What are some things to keep in mind when participating in a 2 handicap?

To be able to play well in 2 handicap, you need to note the following points:

You must choose to participate in this bet at a large and prestigious soccer betting arena. The operation is legally certified. Because only then can we ensure transparency and clarity in the betting and awarding process. At the same time, limit the risk of losing data or being scammed.

With 2 handicap betting, the fluctuation rate is quite high. Gamers need to monitor these fluctuations regularly. It depends on how the match goes and how the team performs on the field. You can decide or adjust your bet level accordingly. To avoid loss or deficit of betting funds.


What is a 2 handicap is shared in detail above the article. The 2 handicap is currently quite popular on most betting tables of large and small bookmakers in Vietnam. In the article on W88 Vua introduced to you what a 2 handicap is, how to play and how to experience winning with this type of 2 handicap. Hopefully the above information will help gamers have more motivation to participate in the experience and win valuable prizes.

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