What is the 2-2.5 handicap? What are the things to note when participating in the 2.25 handicap?

What is the 2-2.5 handicap? The 2-2.5 handicap bet is no longer rare for professional soccer bettors. But those who are new to betting may be quite confused and do not understand what the 2-2.5 handicap is?. Therefore, in the article below W88 will help you better understand what this type of 2-2.5 handicap betting is.

What is the 2-2.5 handicap? What is the 2.25 handicap?

What is the 2-2.5 handicap? The 2-2.5 handicap is also known as the 2.25 handicap or 2 and a half handicap. This form of betting is online soccer betting. When both teams use careful defensive play. Bookmakers often offer these types of bets. The reason is that all predicted odds are unlikely to exceed the bookmaker’s odds.

The 2-2.5 Handicap is chosen by many bettors and appears often. Most leagues in South America or Italy offer this type of bet.

What is the 2-2.5 handicap?

Detailed example the 2-2.5 handicap

Betting on Napoli vs Perugia, the bookmaker has Napoli losing to Perugia with a score of 2-2.5.

The bookmaker gives home team Napoli odds of 99 to 100, away team Perugia bets 100 to 91.

If you bet on Napoli to win, Napoli must win against Perugia with a difference of 3 goals or more (3-0, 4-1, 5-1…).

And if Napoli wins against Perugia with a difference of only 2 goals (2-0, 3-1…), you will lose half of your money. If you bet 100 and lose 50 and if Napoli draw or win by just 1 goal or lose then you will lose the bet.

In short, if the 2-2.5 handicap is placed above, the top team must win by 3 or more goals to have a chance to win the bet.

What is the 2-2.5 handicap betting index?

Bet on 2-2.5

If both competing teams score less than two goals, they will lose.

If both teams score a total of 2 goals, they lose half the amount.

If both teams score a total of 3 or more goals at the end of the match, it is considered a win.

Bet under 2-2.5

If the match ends Both teams score a total of 3 or more goals and are considered lost.

If the match ends Both teams score a total of 2 goals, meaning a 2 goal draw and a bet of 2.5 is considered a complete win.

In bets under 2-2.5, there is no case of losing half the money.

What is the expert’s experience on the 2-2.5 handicap?

Players who want to participate in betting need to know what the 2-2.5 handicap is? To win the 2.25 handicap bet, you need to prepare a careful betting strategy. Betting tips from betting experts are as follows:

Learn more about both teams.

Because the 2-2.5 handicap bet is a score bet, when betting you should carefully observe your performance, situation, strength, performance and scoring ability. These are very important information you need to understand clearly about the two. team. Furthermore, the factor that determines whether the total number of goals scored by two teams is higher or lower depends on the technical factors and strength of each team.

Watch a classic match

It was a match that brought excitement to a classic match. A lot of people bet on these matches, so betting over or under will also make you think a lot.

If they are two physically and technically strong teams. They will launch a unique, attractive and certainly easy-to-score strategy to regain the goal. 

Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on soccer.

That must be a quality bookmaker that many people choose to place 2-2.5 handicap bets. Most bookmakers today are established and operating. And not all bookmakers are reputable enough to be trusted and experienced. You must choose a domain registrar with clear, specific contact addresses to avoid being scammed.

Some Notes When Playing 2-2.5 Handicap What is?

To evaluate the match and make choices for players. The 2-2.5 handicap bet is a type of soccer betting that offers many opportunities for players. Because this way of betting is often very round. Therefore, the different odds are quite high. Correlation is a way for players to predict the exact score to confidently choose to bet.

In this bet, if the team at the top has full authority and ability to win. Participants can gain an advantage in confidence and betting. If the strength of the two teams is quite different due to the round handicap and pushing deeper despite the lower odds, the player will be forced to choose the lower door to ensure safety. When participating in this bet To create big and safe wins for yourself. They can combine handicap betting with additional European handicap betting.

When participating in the game, psychological factors are often one of the difficulties that greatly affect whether you win or lose. Therefore, you should stabilize your mind before participating in the game.


When participating in soccer betting, learning and understanding what the 2-2.5 handicap is is extremely necessary and important. Hope the above sharing about the 2-2.5 handicap is useful to you. Wishing you luck and success when betting with this handicap.

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