What is the 1.75 handicap? Experience playing 1.5/2 odds and always winning

What is the 1.75 handicap? The 1.75 bet is a type of bet that often appears on soccer odds tables. If you are a betting enthusiast, you have certainly heard about this type of betting many times. So what is the 1.75 handicap bet? And how to bet successfully? Please follow the W88 article below about soccer betting to get detailed answers about What is 1.75 Handicap? For football bettors. Follow us below!

What is the 1.75 handicap? What is the 1.5/2 handicap?

Before learning effective playing experience, we need to briefly review what the 1.75 handicap is ? This type of bet is widely popular in the football betting world. That’s why players also call it by many other names such as 1.5/2 handicap , 1 and a half goal handicap, 1-3/4 handicap…

With a high winning rate, the 1.75 handicap is a betting type that many players are interested in and choose. You can roughly understand the meaning of this bet: the top team will accept the bottom handicap with a ratio of 1.75 goals.

What is the 1.75 handicap?

When playing the 1.75 handicap, please note that there will be 3 cases:

  • Case 1: The top team wins the bottom team with a minimum difference of 3 goals. At this time, the person who bets on the top team will win the bet and receive a prize. This means that those who bet on the underdog will lose and lose money.
  • Case 2: The top team wins the bottom team with a difference of 2 goals. At this time, those who bet on the top team will only win half of their bet. This means bettors will only lose half of their bet.
  • Situation 3: The top team wins, draws or loses to the bottom team with a difference of only 1 goal. At this time, the person who bets on the underdog will win and receive the entire amount of their bet. On the contrary, those who bet on the top team will lose completely.

What is the experience to always win when playing 1.75 handicap?

Above has provided some basic information about the definition of what a 1.75 handicap is . Although the news was widely reported, many new players were still quite confused. Don’t know how to bet to win and always increase your budget? So please refer to and save your experience playing the 1.75 handicap below.

Know team information clearly

The nature of the 1.5-2 bet is that the top team, the stronger team, will lose to the bottom team, the weaker team. The bookmaker highly appreciates the team’s potential and ability. However, you should not believe 100% in this but learn carefully about the two teams before the match starts.

So when learning about a team before betting, what factors should you consider?

Who is in the team’s starting lineup and what are each person’s strengths?

Where do the two teams stand on the rankings? Which team is first? Which team is behind?

Is the performance of the two teams in some recent tournaments stable?

Is the competition’s history clean?

In addition to information about the team, players also need to learn about other objective factors. Many other things like weather conditions, location, regulations, policies, etc., these are all factors that can affect the outcome of the competition. Understanding this information will help players bet effectively and accurately.

Know how to choose bets with high winning rates.

Choosing which bet gives you a high chance of winning is something many people wonder about. However, there is no specific advice for this situation. Please note that this depends on the circumstances of the competition. You should flexibly choose a reasonable bet level.

Experience from experts suggests that you should focus on observing the match during the first 30 minutes. If a team has a handicap, you should bet on that team.

However, before placing a bet, you must also check information about this team such as match history, achievements, stable or fluctuating performance, etc. You should remember that careful preparation is never a guarantee. redundant.

Know how to choose a reputable house.

An important experience when betting on the 1.5-2 handicap is to choose a reputable bookmaker. Because these places will provide you with the most accurate odds tables. Don’t see an attractive promotion and hastily decided to choose a reputable bookmaker?

To avoid losing money, you should consider the reliability of the house through the following factors:

  • Origin of.
  • Activity history
  • Reviews from old players.
  • Policies and regulations
  • Customer consulting service…


The above article helps you answer the question: What is the 1.75 handicap ? At the same time, I will tell you some golden tips to help you bet 1.5-2 to win. Hope you have hours of fun and always win your bets!

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