How many minutes is extra time in soccer? Regulations on football competitions

Soccer is a sport that requires a combination of many factors such as tactics, patience and understanding. In the history of football, there have been many cases where the team had good technique but lost or drew. Because of poor physical strength and unable to compete for a long time. As a person interested in football, you may want to know How many minutes is extra time in soccer? Let’s join W88 to learn more about how many minutes extra time is in this famous sport .

What is soccer extra time? How many minutes is extra time in soccer?

Before finding out how many minutes is extra time in soccer? Then let’s find out what extra time is? In the official soccer competition rules, there will be an additional period called extra time. This refers to the period of time where the main competition ends but the winner or loser has not yet been determined. Therefore, both teams will continue to play.

Extra time takes place when football matches and extra time are how many minutes? . This means that the ultimate winner must be found. Extra time takes place immediately after the official second half. And before the extra time results will be decided whether there will be a penalty shootout or not.

Usually, matches with extra time test the patience of the players. This is also considered a physical competition. Whichever side has better physical strength will have a greater advantage in this extra time.

How many minutes is extra time in soccer?

What are the extra time timing rules? How many minutes is extra time in soccer overtime?

A goal in extra time is still counted as a goal in the main period. When the first extra period begins The first team to serve will be the team that served in the first period. At the end of the 15 minutes of the first extra period, the two teams will change courts.

How many minutes is extra time in soccer overtime? The second overtime period is 15 minutes and the same. The team that serves in the second overtime period is the team that serves in the second main overtime period of the match.

30 minutes of extra time ends. And both teams still got results. This forced both teams to enter an 11-minute penalty shootout to determine the winner. The losing team will be eliminated. And the winning team will definitely advance to the next round.

So how many minutes is extra time in soccer ? As a general rule, extra time takes place within 15 minutes, allowing the teams to change fields.

If in the first overtime period both teams still cannot reach a draw. The match will continue in the second extra period after 30 minutes of the second extra period. If both teams still fail to score a goal, a penalty shootout will be held to determine the winner and the match ends.

During extra time, most players felt tired because the main match lasted too long. Therefore, the 30-minute extra time period requires patience from the players, requiring the players to have good physical strength to be able to finish. Ending 30 minutes of extra time in the best way possible.

History of extra time

In fact, until now no one knows who invented the history of extra time. Based on research from official sources Extra time appears in the Rules of the Game of English Football 1897.

In 1992, the first match went into extra time after the 90th minute of the main match in the German Nations Cup. Between Hamburg and Nuremberg

At 90 minutes of the second half, the two teams drew 2-2 and then played extra time, but after 10 minutes they had to stop because it was already dark that day. And after extra time, the two teams still could not decide the winner, forcing the two teams to meet again after 7 weeks.

Extra time was created to reduce the cost and time of rescheduling matches. Due to extra time, the match will still take place at that time.

Therefore, the need to issue official regulations for matches with extra time is urgent and must be implemented soon.

In 1958, in the official match of the European Cup. It was a match between Real Madrid and AC Milan, the two teams were tied after two long halves. And thanks to extra time, both teams could share the win.

The extra time regulation of this top sport was implemented again in Euro Season 2018, causing many protests from many sides.

When the match between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia took place after the 90th minute, the score was tied 1-1 and thanks to extra time, the Soviet Union increased the score to 2-1 to help the Soviet Union. Won a glorious, historic victory in extra time.


We hope the article on how many minutes is extra time in soccer? Has provided readers with some knowledge as well as practical cases about extra time in football. Extra time can be a very valuable opportunity for teams. Because in just 30, 15 short minutes, some teams shed tears because they scored the decisive goal.

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