Does soccer betting count extra time? 

For those who love royal sports, they will definitely know information about the first half and extra time of each match. However, if you participate in betting. Does soccer betting count extra time ? How many minutes of extra time does football need? W88 will have detailed answers below. We invite you to find the answer to whether soccer betting counts extra time or extra time.?

Does soccer betting count extra time or extra time?

For those who love football, they will definitely know the information about extra time. So does soccer betting count extra time? How many minutes of extra time are there? And how is the extra time calculated? Let’s take a look below to learn more about whether soccer betting includes extra time?.

Does soccer betting count extra time or extra time?

Overtime law

In fact, every football match has two main halves. The total time for both halves is 90 minutes, meaning each main half lasts 45 minutes. In addition, the referee will decide whether to play extra time or not. Depends on each match

According to World Cup Federation regulations, official extra time will be played if no team wins in regular time. Extra time usually lasts 30 minutes and is divided into 2 smaller halves, each lasting 15 minutes and there is no break between halves.

When extra time begins, the referee will choose the team that received the ball in the first half to start the extra time. When the first 15 minutes of extra time are played, the two teams will change fields and play the second half.

Calculate extra time

According to the regulations of the World Cup Federation After the end of the special time. If both teams still cannot decide the winner or loser, extra time will be played. Even if there is extra time, but not too long. The time of extra time will be decided by the referee depending on the progress of the match.

When deciding to play extra time, the team must comply with the time and comply with the rules. The two teams will play extra time. And if extra time ends, there is still no winner. There will be a penalty kick.

Does soccer betting count extra time?

To answer, does soccer betting count extra time? In fact, each bookmaker has certain regulations regarding the level of betting as well as whether you can participate in extra-time betting or not. Normally, most bookmakers allow players to bet only on the main match that lasts 90 minutes. Betting is not suspended for remaining innings or extra innings.

Furthermore, it also depends on the type of bet. The home team can still offer extra time bets, however there are different types of bets. The bookmaker will not offer extra time bets.

Soccer betting cases do not include extra time

Soccer bets in the following cases will not be counted in extra time:

  • Bet on which pair will score the first goal.
  • During the match, bet tip 1 x 2.
  • Bet on which player will score the top goal.
  • Bet on Odd/Even scores for each match.
  • Bet on which minute the first goal will be scored.
  • Bet on the scorer.
  • Match bet on which player will score the most points.
  • Bet on which team has the highest score.

Do soccer betting rules include extra time? Is extra time included?

Most bookmakers only handle betting on the official start time of a match. However, there are still cases where bookmakers still offer extra time betting sessions. At this time, the following betting results will be calculated according to time. Extra time: Bet on whether there will be extra time or not?

As the name suggests, this type of bet occurs when both sides bet on whether extra time of the match will take place or not. If the result is extra time, the winner will be the extra time bet. On the contrary, the side that bets on extra time not taking place will lose.

With this way of betting, there is no need to care about how many extra minutes there are. But just knowing whether there will be extra time or not will determine the win or loss between the two betting parties.

Bet on goals in extra time

In addition to betting on goals in the second half, there are also bets on goals in extra time. Therefore, both sides will bet on how many goals will be scored in extra time. This form of betting is loved and chosen by many bettors.

With this form of betting, you don’t need to care who scores. You just need to pay attention to the total number of goals scored in extra time.

Note: For this type of bet, the bet will no longer be valid if the match is abandoned before the end of extra time. However, this rarely happens. So please rest assured when betting.


The answer to whether soccer betting includes extra time? has been answered above. Hopefully the content of the article “Does soccer betting count extra time” will provide the necessary information for those interested in this issue. If you have any questions, please contact W88 for more detailed advice.

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