What does the odds shake in soccer betting? The most common types of bookmaker odds

Football is a sport that always knows how to surprise. This is one of the bases for bookmakers to give shaking odds. So what does the odds shake in soccer betting? What are the most popular odds? Please join W88 to answer the questions below. Let’s then look at some of the easiest winning betting experiences.

What does the odds shake in soccer betting?

What does the odds shake in soccer bettingShaking odds is a popular term in the field of sports betting, especially in Vietnam. When players bet on shake odds, they don’t just bet on which team will win, draw or lose. We also have to take into account the score difference between the two teams.

In shaking odds, a team will be assigned a “handicap” based on the relative strength of the two teams. This means that the weak team will receive some bonus points, while the strong team will suffer a minus point. The goal of shaking odds is to make both teams’ chances of winning more balanced.

For example, if a match is between team A and team B, team A is considered stronger. They might be assigned a handicap of -0.5, while team B would have a handicap of +0.5. This means that if you bet on team A with -0.5 odds, team A must win the match for you to win the bet. Meanwhile, if you bet on team B with the odds +0.5. Team B only needs to draw or win the match for you to win your bet.

You already know what does the odds shake in soccer betting?, right? Vibrating odds bring attraction and excitement to bettors. Because it creates more chances of winning than conventional forms of betting. However, to be successful in betting on vibrating odds. Players need to clearly understand the strength of the teams, as well as how to calculate and apply the odds effectively.

what does the odds shake in soccer betting?

How to read the odds shake in soccer betting

To understand how to read soccer odds, we first need to clearly understand the types of odds and how to read them. What does the odds shake in soccer betting? Soccer betting is a popular form of betting in the field of sports, especially soccer. When reading the odds, players will receive information about the odds between the two competing teams.

There are three main types of odds in soccer betting: Asian odds, European odds and handicap odds. To start, we will learn about Asian handicap. The most popular type of bet in reading football odds.

Asian Handicap: When reading Asian Handicap, players will see a series of numbers and an accompanying plus or minus sign. For example, -0.5, -1, +0.5, +1, etc. The number of goals scored by each team will determine the final result of this bet.

  • If you choose team A with -0.5 odds and team A wins, you will win the bet.
  • If you choose team B with +1 odds and team B loses by 1 goal, you will win the bet.

European Handicap: This type of bet is often represented using three symbols: 1 (home team wins), X (draw), 2 (away team wins). Players will choose one of these three results to bet on.

Handicap: Handicap usually applies to matches where a stronger team faces a weaker team. In this case, the house will set a handicap to balance the chances between the two teams.

When reading soccer odds, it is important to clearly understand the meaning of the odds shake in soccer betting? And each type of bet and how to apply them to betting is very important. This helps players have an overview of the opportunities and risks when participating in soccer betting.

What are the reasons why players choose the odds shake in soccer betting?

What is the reason why players choose the odds shake in soccer bettingThere are many different reasons. First, shaking odds provide an opportunity for players to enhance their chances of winning in soccer betting. This reduces the risk of only betting on a specific team. Instead of having to choose a winning or losing team. Players can choose a draw, giving them a greater chance of winning.

Flutter odds also attract players because of its competitiveness and unpredictability. When a match has shaky odds, this usually indicates balance between the two teams. Create intrigue and tension in predicting the outcome. Players enjoy facing the challenge and the thrill of predicting the outcome of the match.

In addition, vibrating odds also bring flexibility to players. Instead of having to choose between winning or losing, they have another choice. Create greater diversity and choice in betting. This helps players feel more comfortable when betting and creates greater excitement while watching the match.


The above article has answered the question of what does the odds shake in soccer betting? ? Hopefully this article what does the odds shake in soccer betting will help players understand more about current betting types. Wishing you luck and success when participating in betting.

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