What is handball betting? Instructions for handball betting at W88

What is handball betting? Handball is a sport with many attractions and is quite familiar to sports audiences who love football, basketball… The way to play handball betting is usually very simple, you just need a little time to research. Game rules and betting methods to participate in handball betting. Join W88 to find out through the section below today’s article .

What is handball betting?

Handball betting is generally similar to betting on soccer or other sports. Although handball betting in Vietnam is not as popular as handball in our country, it is still not given much attention and has not yet reached its full potential. However, bookmakers are still very actively opening betting portals to serve the majority of sports betting enthusiasts.

At a bookmaker that specializes in receiving sports betting odds. Many competitions are continuously updated with information. You can also watch matches live with sharp image quality through applications provided by the house. 

Watch matches to improve your basic knowledge of handball. And quickly and deeply grasp information about your favorite team and player. At the same time, hone your judgment ability. Good prediction is the key for you to bet on handball.

In handball betting, there are many different bet levels from simple to complex for players to choose from. Depending on the level of capital you have and the amount of knowledge you have, there will be countless betting levels suitable to your ability. You choose, bet and earn.

What is handball betting?

Handball betting rules 

The handball betting portal will be open 24/7 for scheduled tournaments. By designating a specific match date. The contest is considered valid and takes place at the time specified by the organizer.

The betting portal is open until a few minutes before the official start of the match. The betting portal may close approximately 1 minute or 30 seconds before the main event. This depends on the size and capacity of the tournament. consciousness arises

The bookmaker will reward the winning bettor according to the results announced by the tournament organizers. In case there are discrepancies in the results published in different countries. The results announced in English will depend on the results of the competition.

A match was scheduled to be played but for whatever reason was not played according to the rules and was not played at the scheduled time. All bets placed on that match will be void. Handicapped.

Bets on a team will only be accepted if that team is eligible to participate in the competition and plays according to regulations.

If betting on a player and then during the match. This player committed a foul and was asked to leave the field before the match ended. This player’s bet will be refunded to the bettor.

Within 12 hours if the match is postponed and replayed. Bets on that match will still be considered. If a match is not completed after 12 hours then all bets on that match will still be considered void and the bet will be returned to you.

After the tournament organizers announced the official results of the competition. The house will use that result as a basis to distribute prizes to the winner. Claims regarding the results of the competition after the prize has been paid are void.

  • Bet on the winning team: In each round, you just need to bet on the team that you think will score higher and win the match.
  • Bet on which team will win in the first half: You will bet to predict which team will lead in the first half.
  • Handicap Bet: Depends on the innate strength of the two teams. The home team will accept the handicap. You will need to rely on your knowledge of the two teams competing in the match to place the handicap bet that you think is most reasonable.
  • Bet on which player will score first in the team: For this type of bet, you need to make sure you have a deep understanding of a few players in the team.
  • Champion Team Bet: This type of bet requires a long wait for the results as you have to wait until the final winning team emerges to become the champion of the season.

There are also many other variations of handball betting that you can discover for yourself when participating in online dodgeball betting at the bookmaker, such as Over/Under betting. Bet on the number of times a team will take their position. Betting on the number of fouls Players will bet on…

Instructions for handball betting at W88

Step 1: Go to the W88 homepage and select the registration button. You will be asked to enter personal information and phone number for verification. If you don’t want to play handball betting using a computer. You can download the app to your mobile device and play. The application supports both Android and iOS. If you already have an account at W88, go to step 2.

Step 2: To be able to bet, you must deposit money into your account. In your personal account at home there is a deposit button. Just click that button and follow the instructions.

Step 3: After depositing money into the game account that the house has already activated for you. You will then return to the home page. Find the sports section and click on it.

Step 4: In the sports section there are 3 halls: W88 Sports, C-Sports or Saba Sports. Choose one and go to the handball section.

Step 5: After clicking on the Handball section. You will be redirected to the handball tournament interface. You just need to choose the tournament you want. Find matches with your favorite teams. Then check and place your bet.


The above information about handball betting has shared how to play this game. You should follow the World Handball Championship regularly to find yourself a strong, capable and well-prepared team. So that when the season starts you can confidently go betting on handball.

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