Boxing betting – Instructions for betting on boxing at W88

Boxing bettingBoxing is one of the most vigorous sports with high resistance. Boxing matches always make people excited and excited. Boxing betting today is chosen by fans of this sport for entertainment and fun to make money. Let’s review and objectively evaluate this type of boxing betting with W88 in the following article .

What is boxing betting?

To understand how to bet on boxing, we should take some time to learn about this sport. Boxing, also known as boxing in English, is a fighting sport in which two boxers compete directly in a ring. At first glance, this is a violent sport. But in fact, the past of this game was much bloodier than now.

Boxing betting is a form of sports betting for fans of this sport to bet on gladiators in matches. The tournament is updated by the house according to the main match schedule. There are many types of bets from simple to advanced so players can choose the bet level according to their ability. Each match takes place according to schedule and is completed according to regulations. Betting results are determined by the official results of the tournament organizers. This amount will be paid to the winning bettor.

Currently on the market there are many bookmakers offering boxing betting. Players just need to find an address that they feel trustworthy enough to register an account, deposit money and then participate in the betting game.

What is boxing betting?

Boxing betting rules

A boxing match was usually scheduled but was unexpectedly postponed. If restarted within 14 days, bets will still stand. If the match is not restarted after 14 days then all bets will stand. The contest will be cancelled.

If you choose to bet on the money line or bet on a match ending in a draw or , then that bet will be void as essentially a draw does not count. In a boxing match a win or a loss will count.

Bets will be valid as soon as the bell rings. But if a fighter commits a foul from the start, your bet will be refunded.

When a fighter falls, the bell rings for the next round. The remaining person will automatically be considered the winner.

When a new round begins and half has passed, 1 minute and 30 seconds have passed. The results up to that point will be used as the basis for deciding the win or loss of the bet.

Instructions for betting on boxing at W88

  • Step 1: If you already have an account at bookmaker W88. Then log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can easily use the registration button on the home page. For mobile users, you can download the application to your device and register.
  • Step 2: Next, you deposit money into your W88 account. All deposit methods are available in the system. It’s so simple you can do it completely yourself. If you need help, you can call the hotline or send a message to the system’s customer service staff.
  • Step 3: Return to the home page and find the sports section and select Boxing Betting.
  • Step 4: Click on Boxing Betting and the interface will provide you with complete information about countless tournaments, competitions, and bet levels for you to choose from.

Boxing betting experience is very easy to win.

Understand the rules of the game Understanding the boxing competition rules and scoring rules will help you quickly understand what the bookmaker offers to bet on. Therefore, you can easily choose the bet level that you find most suitable. Many beginners tend to bet according to their emotions. And neglect to learn the rules of boxing. This leads to arbitrary betting and the results are always disappointing.

Knowing the competition schedule Knowing the competition rules is also very important. You don’t want your bet to result in a wrong prediction just because you can’t remember a fighter’s schedule.

Have knowledge about the fighter you choose. You clearly understand what the strengths of the fighter you choose are. How good his technique is…it will all help you be more confident in your choice. 

Choosing a reputable bookmaker, you can choose bookmaker W8 to create an account and place bets right away. This bookmaker has been operating for quite a long time, and is also a licensed bookmaker. A bookmaker that ensures data security and reputation should be your top choice.

Consider your own budget. With attractive betting odds, players can easily be carried away by greed and get bogged down. Considering your budget with the odds offered by the bookmaker will help you accumulate a significant amount of money. When betting, be patient.


Boxing betting is generally no different from betting on other sports. To understand how to bet on boxing, you need to start by understanding the rules of this sport so you can easily read and understand the bets and decide for yourself. Good luck!!!

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