Ice hockey betting at W88

Ice hockey betting is making waves at bookmaker W88. With diverse tournaments mixed with many odds. In this article we will learn more details about this ice hockey betting sport . And it gives you the chance to win more impressive prizes in your betting experience .

Ice hockey betting

Ice hockey betting, also known as ice hockey, is a popular sports betting sport.

Currently in the international market this sport is very popular and loved by many players. Especially in cold weather regions like Canada.

It can be said that ice hockey has a very long history. It creates extremely exciting competition with very large tournaments. And maintained by a reputable organization.

Currently at bookmaker W88 you can experience many types of bets. Combined with the ability to support live matches from the game portal. The opportunity to redeem rewards at the system will be more interesting and impressive.

Ice hockey betting

Detailed ice hockey betting rules

To understand ice hockey betting , you need to learn more specific information and regulations related to ice hockey as follows:

Overview of competition regulations

Each ice hockey team will consist of 6 players (including the goalkeeper) and will compete in 3 different rounds.

Currently, according to international regulations, each round lasts about 20 minutes. And at the end of all 3 rounds, the team with the highest score will win.

Especially in case the 2 teams are tied in all 3 rounds, there will be an additional 5 minutes of extra time decided by a penalty shootout (similar to a penalty shootout in football).

If a match is cancelled, postponed, changed etc., all bets will be voided by the bookmaker. And the player’s money will be refunded.

Full match bets are based on time including extra time.

When the 2nd or 3rd half of the match is canceled for any reason. The first half betting results will remain the same. The results are similar to the second half.

Summary of types of ice hockey betting odds

For ice hockey at the bookmaker system, you will experience many different betting levels, including:

Win or lose the bet

With this type of bet you can predict which of the two teams will have a higher chance of winning.

Calculated time includes extra time and penalty shootouts, if any.

Bet on the total score Over/Under

When choosing this type of bet for an ice hockey match, the bookmaker will give you a number to predict the total score of the two teams.

The player’s task is to predict whether the true score of both teams will be higher or lower. where high bets are higher and low bets are lower.

Bet on which team will score first.

This type of bet requires players to predict which team will score first throughout the match.

Bet on the team to score last.

When choosing this type of play, you must predict which team will be the last to score before the match ends.

Bet on a certain score.

With this betting method you must predict the exact score of both teams.

In addition to the above forms of betting, there are many different ways to bet. Depending on the size of each tournament, for example:

Bet on which team will score 3 goals first.

Bet on one goal at a certain time.

Bet on the time the match will end.

Bet on whether there will be a penalty shootout or not.

Bet on the highest possible score in each round.

Instructions for betting on ice hockey at W88

Below is the most detailed guide to playing ice hockey that you can refer to with the following steps:

Step 1: Visit W88 and create an account.

The process of creating an account in the system is very simple. Helps players own W88 accounts easily and quickly.

Step 2: Deposit money and access the betting section

After successfully logging in to the betting portal You can start the process of depositing money into your home using many flexible transaction methods.

You can then access the ice hockey section in the main interface in the “Sports” section.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate tournament

At the main interface of this sport, you will see that the house has a lot of competition from many important tournaments in the world.

At this point, you should learn about the strengths and abilities of each team to choose the betting level and betting form that suits you.

Step 4: Buy betting tickets

Buying betting tickets at the system is very easy. You just need to click directly on the odds corresponding to the betting method you want to experience. The interface will display a betting information panel for that type of play.

Then enter the amount you want to bet in the box and click Confirm to easily complete the bet at the game portal.


The above content is about ice hockey betting at W88. We hope the information shared above will help you in participating in ice hockey betting. I wish you luck and success.

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