What is Bet Release? Revealing how to settle football bets 

What is Bet ReleaseWhen playing soccer betting, you need to know a lot of skills to be able to win the house bet. In particular, betting skills are really important for any football bettor. So what is a bet release and how to effectively release a football bet will be revealed in the following article at W88.

Find out what is bet release?

What is Bet Release? Canceling a bet is placing the opposite of the previous bet you placed. People often place this bet when they see that their previous bet does not have much chance of winning. Or many people release the bet when they realize they have a big advantage to win and play other bets. For some betting units, letting go is like selling your bet slip to them, but the price is mutually agreeable. 

What is Bet Release? It is considered a way for players to make more decisions when they see the risk of losing a bet. Players who choose to release the bet will get back some of their bet money when they sell the bet to the house. But you should also note that when you release the bet you will receive a certain amount of money back and they depend on the slip rate in that match. And points are calculated when the player releases the bet compared to the first bet the player chooses. 

Currently, you can release soccer bets when you are in both a losing and winning position. And learning more ways to bet on football from experts will help you avoid losing all your money when you lose. 

Find out what is bet release?

How to play effectively What Is bet release?

Letting go is a betting strategy that any newbie should know. When you know the secrets to betting, you can increase your chances of winning as well as reduce the risk of losing all your money if you lose. 

According to the nature of the match, the over and over odds always decrease over time, so placing the under and under odds always gives you an easier way to release the bet than placing the over and over bets. Bettors can choose 1 match to bet on in the under and under bets.

Besides, when you realize that any of your bets have a big advantage to win, you should also release the bet. This will bring a lot of confidence to players. At this time, the player should choose to let go of some money or let go of some bets to be sure to win half of the money they bet. 

For example, when playing a bet, the player chooses Over when there is only 1 left, then if the match has 1 more goal then the Over bet now only has ½ left. You can pay ½ of the money to ensure you win half of your bet. initial. 

To be sure of winning, you can refer to a few more effective soccer betting tips from experts below. 

Catching 0.5 overs leads 1-0

In the first half, the Over bet will usually be 0.5 at the end of the match (meaning 100 to 30). If you release the bet now, the following 3 situations will occur:

The upper bet wins if you win 190,000 VND.

The result is 1-0, the upper bet wins 90,000 VND and loses 30,000 VND, so you receive 60,000 VND.

Break even when you win 100 and lose the whole match.

When 100 wins 90 

At the end of the second half, the over bet is 0.5, which is 100 to win and 30 to lose. At this point, you decide to release the bet if you hold the card and get the following results:

If the team above scores, you win 190,000 VND.

Break even when winning 100 and you lose 100 bets.

Play half-left handicap, choose the lower bet and the result is 1-1

Experience is that at the end of the second half, the Over bet will be 0.5, which means 100 wins and 30 losses. If you choose to release the bet, the results will fall into the following cases:

When the above team wins, you win 100 Over and lose 100 bets.

When the lower team wins, you win 190,000 VND.

If there are no goals, you win 90 and lose 30 for the over bet. That means you eat 60 for this case.

Note and apply what is the way to release bets

To make successful bets on football, you should note a few things:

  • Analyze the ball game and the odds to choose a good bet.
  • When you don’t have much experience, you should bet on 1 match.
  • Observe if you see any trend in the house’s Odds running rate to decide whether to sell or keep.
  • Follow the match throughout to promptly grasp information. 

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