Introduction to draw no bet at bookmaker W88

Draw No Bet, also known in English as Draw No Bet, is a very popular bet type in the betting market. Next, W88 Bookmaker wants to give you an overview of this type of Draw No Bet. So you can better understand the betting process.

What is draw no bet?

Draw No bet has another common name for this type of bet which is Draw No bet. The reason for this name is because the Bet does not have a draw result, the player will only be able to bet on 1 of 2 results: the house wins or the away team wins.

Therefore, in Draw No bet the following cases will apply:

  • Draw: The player will receive a full refund of the bet amount.
  • If the team you bet on loses the match. This means you will lose the bet.
  • If the team you bet on wins the match, it means you win the bet.

Don’t bet on a draw doesn’t just apply to soccer betting. But it also appears in other sports such as basketball, volleyball…

What is draw no bet?

Experience of winning when playing Draw No bet

According to betting experts, Draw No bet is considered a simple form of betting, easy to understand, easy to play and has a relatively high winning rate. However, to get the highest odds of winning when betting on a Tie except. You can refer to the following betting tips:

How to choose a match to bet on

Advice from the Draw No bet betting experts is to choose matches where both teams have different levels and strengths to bet on. You can combine them to place more bets on higher rated matches. For example, if a strong team loses form. The odds of a draw are very high and in this case you will still get your bet back.

Analyze data carefully

Analyze all data carefully before the competition. Especially information that can have a significant impact on the results of the competition. Some important information you need to learn includes:

  • Players are suspended, injured or in poor health.
  • Player penalty card
  • Each team’s coach’s strategy Each team’s goal
  • List of starting players and achievements of each team
  • Other objective outside influences can affect the score such as weather conditions, referees…

Reasonable financial allocation

According to betting experts, Draw odds are excepted. You should not put all your money into one Draw bet except. And you should not place many bets at the same time. If you only bet once it is all or nothing and the risk of losing everything is very high. If you place too many bets at once You will not have time to invest in betting. This reduces your win rate.

So choose to bet about 2-3 matches at a time. For high-confidence bets, bet larger amounts. Therefore, the ability to win or lose and make a profit from betting is guaranteed.

You should set your own financial limits for winnings and losses. With this limit, you will keep your bets and losses to a minimum. Without affecting your finances and life.

Why should you choose bookmaker W88 to play betting? 

Choosing a bookmaker is an important decision and should be considered carefully. Below are some reasons that players can consider when deciding to choose bookmaker W88 for betting:

  • Diversity of bets: W88 offers a wide range of betting products. Including sports betting, online casino, poker, and many other games. This diversity helps players have many choices and diverse entertainment experiences.
  • Competitive odds: W88 often offers competitive odds. Enabling players to get the best value from every bet.
  • Promotions and incentives: This bookmaker regularly offers promotions, incentives, and rewards for new and old players. This can include sign up bonuses, bet refunds, and many other promotions.
  • Customer support service: W88 has a professional customer support team. Ready to help and solve any problems players may encounter.
  • Safety and security: W88 is known for its high-end safety and security measures to protect personal information and player accounts.
  • Convenient User Interface: W88’s user interface is designed for ease of use and convenience. Helps players easily place bets and make transactions


Above is a summary of our knowledge about Draw No bet. Along with the experience of winning easily in this Draw No bet. Good luck!

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