What is score bet? Simple way to calculate odds

What is score bet? If you are a fan of soccer betting, you cannot help but know about soccer score betting. These are the odds given by the house for players to calculate and bet accordingly. Normally, this odds will be announced 3-4 days before the match takes place. Let’s find out with W88 . The way to calculate the odds is determined by the bookmaker.

What is a score bet?

Score bet are betting odds for teams that the house offers to players. When the match takes place, you will predict the win and refer to the odds provided by the house and place a bet. This is a quite common term in soccer betting. 

As usual, this soccer sports score will be updated 1 week in advance. This is the right time for players to learn and research for choosing the score bet. In order for the house to be able to offer such odds, there will be a team of experts who analyze the matches thoroughly. From there, the score odds are provided in the odds table for players to choose from.

What is a score bet?

How to calculate scores in soccer 

In betting on different types of soccer odds at the bookmaker. Whether you win or lose, you must know how to calculate soccer scores most accurately. Currently, there are many different ways to calculate odds based on the rates provided from the house. Here are some terms you need to understand when calculating odds:

  • Win enough: Bet amount = Bet capital x soccer odds 
  • Win half the money: Bet amount = 50% x Bet capital x odds + Bet capital  
  • Lose enough: Bet loss = Bet capital, meaning you will lose all the initial bet.
  • Lose half the money: Bet loss = 50% x Bet capital 

Total bets and overtime bets

In addition to betting on the exact score of the match, players can also bet on the total number of goals scored in the match or the result of extra time (if any).

Big win potential and high risk

  • Score bets often bring high odds. Therefore, players can have a chance to win big if they predict the score correctly.
  • However, because of its high accuracy, this is also a type of bet with great risk. And the possibility of losing is also high.

Common types of bets in soccer

Currently, there are many different types of soccer bets offered for the entertainment of players. In particular, each bet has different soccer betting odds for you to refer to. Specific examples of some of the most popular and popular bets are as follows: 

Type 1h handicap 

1h handicap is a type of bet for the first half. This type of bet will be given by the house based on the performance and strength of each team. Participating players can choose to bet with 2 doors: upper and lower. This 1 handicap bet will be more positive. Easier to bet and get better results.

Soccer sports handicap type 

Soccer handicap is a type of bet made to balance the strength of two teams. This means that if in a football match it can be clearly seen which team is strong and which is weak, the strong team must accept a number of goals from the remaining team. Here there will usually be two types of handicaps: money handicap and left handicap. Depending on the progress of the match, a corresponding type of bet will be provided.

Type bets with exact scores

In this type of bet, you will predict the final goal score of the match. This is considered the most difficult type of bet at every bookmaker. But if the prediction is successful, the reward is extremely large.

Before starting the soccer match, the bookmaker will provide information and statistics on soccer scores . Players will choose one of these odds. The lowest winning bet is x3, x4 of the bet capital. Therefore, depending on each betting option, there will be different corresponding payout levels.

Form of betting on goals 

This type of bet has very diverse variations, players will make betting predictions. And bet on the final total number of goals scored by both teams during 90 minutes of play. Of course, the bookmaker also offers possibilities that may appear in that football match. From there you can predict football odds to support the most appropriate betting. 

Form of betting on corner kicks

In this type of corner kick bet, players will not need to care about the goal of the match. Just focus on the number of corners that both teams took during the match and place your bet.

This is a fairly new form of betting but is very popular with players. Depending on the characteristics and nature of the match, the house will offer penalty odds. 


With information about soccer scores bet shared above the article. You have learned detailed information about popular odds provided by the bookmaker. Hopefully through this you will have useful information for betting and betting effectively. Wishing you all have fun betting times and win big rewards.

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