What are half and full time bets? Odds and betting instructions at W88

What are half and full time bets?It cannot be denied that sports betting is the most popular and sought-after game today. You will enjoy the rush of emotions when predicting the score and receiving gifts worth millions of dong. Currently, basic bet types such as Handicap, Traditional, European or Over/Under have become quite familiar, so the article below at W88 will help you learn more about half and full time bets .

Overview of half and full time bets

Of course, many people are quite familiar with the betting time specified at each bookmaker. This is different from competitions that always last up to 90 minutes.

These types of bets are commonly used and are divided into several types.

You can bet on the first half. Only bet on the result of the 2nd half or until the end of the match. Sometimes there may be extra time… Therefore, it is essential to clearly understand half and full time betting .

What are half and full time bets?

Half and full time bets are forms of betting that take place in one half or the entire match that players tend to use at most bookmakers today.

In this format, playing time includes overtime. But this will depend on the match time you choose.

However, extra time and penalty shootouts do not count. If specified before the competition takes place

Different from conventional types like European, you only need to predict the final result of the match.

But for half and full time betting , there will be much more unique and advanced levels of difficulty.

Usually many bets are predicted at the same time with many different scores.

And if you win one bet You can compensate for other losses.

But in this format, players will be able to predict the first half or the entire match with just one bet.

From there, you can see the level of competition and the need to achieve relatively high, accurate results to win.

Therefore, for new players, this bet will not be welcome.

What are half and full time bets?

How to calculate the total score for half and full time bets?

Most players no longer clearly understand how the total score is calculated. Because the home team will be the one to summarize the results after the match ends.

But to be careful of scammers and for players to avoid this activity. You need to know how to best calculate wins and losses.

Take the simplest example: the player places HF/FT and will have a chance to win the bet when the first half ends with a draw. (You choose main team A)

And if the first half has a different score between the two teams, the bettor will lose money.

If the first half between the two teams was a draw but in the end team A that you chose lost. You still won’t win this bet.

When should you bet on half and full time bets?

So when are half and full time bets more appropriate to increase your odds of winning?

To help you have a better look and feel about this genre. Below are 3 situations where riders should use this strategy to avoid missing out on their golden moments.

Among the two competing teams, one team has a relatively loose defense and the opposing team scores first. It’s very possible that at the end of the qualifying round there will be a surprising and exciting return. So for this type of bet. You should bet – Weak team/Strong team.

The second case is that the strong team leads in the first half but is carded for contradictory reasons. This will be the ideal time to bet on half and full time bets , meaning big wins/draws. Or if you have strong belief in yourself and courage. You can choose win/weak to win.

Finally, if you notice that both teams were equally strong and no goals were scored in the first half. Quickly choose the HT/Ft bet type with the Draw/Tie bet format. But if you choose HT/FT from the beginning there is still a chance they will refund you. And this match will be considered cancelled.

Experience you should know when playing half and full time betting

This is often the easiest way to play half and full time bets . Racers will go to forums and learn from professional players. But not everyone is willing to share their secrets with you. and to save valuable newbie time. Below is a summary of experiences to help you improve your ability to win.

Before starting to bet on half and full time bets or any other type. Users need to find out all the necessary information. Includes list of real players Encounter history and skills of each player…

Strategy is an important part of helping teams stay engaged.

Should you play half and full time betting at W88?

According to betting experts, half and full time betting has spread its influence to today’s racers and bookmakers. You will often see them appearing at most annual competitions throughout the year. Because if you only use a small amount of capital You can get 10 or 100 times profit. Moreover, it will happen quite quickly, depending on each person’s wishes, choose within the round or the entire match.

Because the prize money is so large, Bookie “ghosts” gradually appear with the purpose of taking advantage of players. Surely you have heard that many businesses run away after receiving money from users. Players should choose longtime bookmaker W88 with undisputed reputation. Bookmaker W88 creates a fair, transparent and safe playing field.

It has the most modern and famous technology. You will get the value you require from the perfect bookie. W88’s highest level of professionalism helps players feel more secure during the betting process.


Hopefully the information provided about half and full time bets has helped you have a clearer view of this type in the market today. They are one of the bookmakers that are quickly dominating the online gambling market with prizes up to millions of dong every day. So if you want to find useful information like this, follow W88.

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