What is Sic Bo soccer betting? Things you should know when betting

What is Sic Bo soccer betting? – Online soccer betting is an extremely attractive form of betting, attracting many participants. However, not everyone understands all the definitions in betting. What is the definition of the above odds? What is Sic Bo soccer betting? In the article below, W88 analyzes this type of betting and what you need to pay attention to when betting .

What is Sic Bo soccer betting?

What is Sic Bo soccer betting? over/under is one of the most popular terms in soccer betting. Simply put, it is the handicap that the bookmaker offers to two teams in an actual match.

The over is to describe a stronger and more highly rated team. Usually it’s a famous team. with better performance of the current team. There are many good players and famous soccer stars. Overall, this is the team with more points than the other team in every aspect. In betting, this is the team chosen as the favorite. This is usually shown in red.

On the contrary, the weaker team is the weaker team. There are often bad results and there are good players, just a few. And the possibility of winning is also lower. Which the bookies choose is the weaker team and is usually shown in black, blue or grey.

What is Sic Bo soccer betting?

Handicap is easy when betting Sic Bo

What is Sic Bo soccer betting? When playing Malaysian odds with lower odds, you will need to choose the correct odds to have the highest chance of winning. Here are some general handicaps when betting on Sic Bo bets:

Accept half the fruit

The half-left handicap is a very popular handicap when competing with the upper and lower handicaps. This handicap ratio is very simple. The top team will handicap the bottom team by half. This means that a lower handicap will add half a point to the result.

If the final result of the match is a draw, the player who bet will lose all money. and the under bettor wins and gets the full amount. The reason is because the team above has a handicap equal to half of the bottom team. For example, two teams draw with a score of 1-1. The team with the lower handicap is given an additional 0.5 point, i.e. 1-1.5. Likewise, the lower handicap wins.

Handicap 1/4

The same applies to the half-left handicap. Half-time handicap is the ratio where the top team (or stronger team) is the underdog of the team (weaker team). Regardless of which team wins, almost all bets win. However, if there is a tie then almost all bets win. The player who bets the highest will only lose half the amount. And the player who bets under will receive half the amount. Therefore, this is considered a very safe handicap ratio.

Handicap 3/4

These odds are also quite popular. But it is often used in smaller competitions. With this ratio, the upper bet will accept the lower bet of 0.75. Only if the team with higher odds beats the team with lower odds by 2 goals will that bet be considered a win.

If you win by just 1 goal, the king will predict the score. The player who bets on will only receive half the amount and the lower bet will lose half the amount. If the lower team draws or wins against the top team. The person who chooses the underdog will win all bets.

Handicap 1 goal

With these odds, the top team has a 1-goal disadvantage for the weaker team. The favorite team must win by two or more goals to be considered the winner. Most other results are considered losses. When placing this bet, you must pay attention and calculate carefully because the risk rate is very high.

What are the experiences of betting on soccer with Sic Bo odds?

What is the experience of betting on soccer with the upper odds and the lower odds? Everyone who participates in betting must first master the basic concepts of betting and soccer tips. You also need to prepare yourself with the necessary experience skills when participating in the game. Next, we will tell you how to predict the available odds. Brings you the highest efficiency:

Check the odds through the odds table.

Odds table betting is the perfect way to predict odds and is widely used internationally. If the match is fair and the strength of the two teams is slightly different. 

If the home team doesn’t bother to bet, you just need to pay attention to analyzing the strengths of the two teams to decide to bet for yourself. However, for each odds offered by the home team, it is necessary to continuously update and analyze odds developments to make accurate decisions.

Check the odds when the bookmaker gives you the odds.

That is an urgent issue that every player must understand. Before the match starts You need to learn about the match information first. Find yourself a famous bookmaker. Then watch 4-5 hours in advance, then the bookies will provide standard information about the match.

Asian and European handicap analysis

As mentioned, it is necessary to regularly check and update the bookmaker’s odds table. Where both European and Asian odds are showing a slight downward trend. The home team has a higher chance of winning.

However, you need to pay attention to the dealer’s opportunities or temptations. If you are not careful, the risk of losing everything is very high. Towards the end of the competition, the odds become shorter. So please be really calm.


Above is a wealth of information about what is Sic Bo soccer betting? Basic betting types as well as effective betting tips. Hopefully this way you will be able to understand the simple knowledge of what is Sic Bo soccer betting. Participate in betting confidently and bring yourself big wins.

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