What is shaking odds in soccer betting? Tips for playing W88 shaking odds to win easily

What is shaking odds in soccer betting? This is a question that many soccer betting enthusiasts are wondering today. In the betting world, there is a wealth of soccer betting knowledge that you must understand if you want to become a professional player. Many information sites say that shaking odds is a soccer betting odds that only requires spending a small amount of money, players still have a chance to win big. Is that true? Join us to find out in the article below about what is shaking odds? Tips for playing W88 shaking odds to win easily! 

What is W88 shaking odds?

W88 shake bet is a type of soccer bet that is most interested in by many players today. In terms of form, this type is often used for the exact timing of the competition. Therefore, when betting on shaking odds, players must take advantage of every second to fight. A delay of just 5 seconds can cause you to miss your chance to win. While the match is going on, players will bet directly during the betting time of the bookmakers.

What is shaking odds in soccer betting? Shaker bets are quite similar to many other popular bets such as handicap bets or over/under bets. Currently, shaking bets are widely participated by many people because of the extremely high winning rate. Meanwhile, the amount of capital you need to spend to trade is much lower than other bets. Most people see this bet as an opportunity to get their capital back the fastest. Because if you are experienced in betting and predict accurately, you can earn a large amount of money. Regarding time, shake bets are calculated from the start to the end of the match. This means that as long as the ball is rolling, it is still vibrating and there is still a bet. Only when there are no more over/under bets, whether on corners or goals, players still have a chance to make money.

What is shaking odds in soccer betting?

How to determine shaking in soccer betting?

To be able to read the most accurate odds in soccer betting, players need to focus on the odds evaluation table:

  • The position of the column is the most common names, including three basic types of rafts: European betting, over/under, unconscious knitting frame,… for each half and fighting.
  • Regarding the product, the odds will be displayed here. Usually includes gambling standards that are deep betting and low acceptance. You need to clearly understand each standard to be able to make accurate decisions.

To the left of each type of bet is the section displaying the odds:

Including bargain odds, they are to the right and outside of the odds. Because they always fluctuate and change at any time. If you hesitate for a moment, you may not be able to bet on the color you want to bet on. The bet has 2 colors, red is the increase rate and green is the decrease rate compared to that time.

What are the tips for playing shake in soccer betting? easy to win

What is shaking odds in soccer betting? To be able to easily win in shaking bets at W88 is not necessarily too difficult. However, for those new to the profession, good tips are needed to win. Here are some tips for playing shaking in soccer betting to easily win for you:

Betting is war

First, players need to recognize that betting is a war, not just a simple game. Because each vibration rate occurs in a very fast time. Therefore, if you focus on fighting during that time, you will grasp the opportunity to win a large amount of money. On the contrary, if you are negligent for just 1-2 minutes, the possibility of losing the opportunity is very high. In addition, regular testing is also a way to help you specify flexible situations. From there, players can make more accurate options.

Do not choose too many shaking odds at the same time

You should play a maximum of 3 bets in one bet. Because when you choose too many vibrational structures, combat sometimes gets worse. Especially for those without experience, it will cause you to fail and lose a lot of money.

Play shaking odds at bookmaker W88

People should bet at a reputable and quality bookmaker. Because there you will receive good incentives and a customer information security system. Bookmaker W88 has a long-standing construction system that always ensures all players’ rights. Reputable betting odds, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accurate results. So that players can receive the exact payout ratio according to the agreement. 

How to shake each type of bet at W88 

What is shaking odds in soccer betting? Below are some shaking odds for each type of bet at W88, please refer to:

  • Over/under bet: If the first half of a target is greater than 2, the player should choose Over
  • Corner kick odds: You should choose the left corner in the first half and the competition. After the first 7 minutes, there is a corner, then the defect is processed. For example, if there is no left corner in the first 7 minutes, now choose the odds.
  • Handicap shaking: All matches should be taken in the first half of the match. This is the most suitable time because players can rely on their attack position to predict the outcome.


Above is our sharing about what shaking odds is in soccer betting? and the easiest winning tips for playing bets. Has brought you a lot of useful information about betting in football. In the above article “What is shaking odds in soccer betting“,We have shared the secret to playing shaking in soccer betting? for beginners with the most accurate way to bet. Register for W88 today, you will have great experiences with vibrating odds and “win” a large amount of money.

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