What is water polo betting? Instructions for water polo betting at W88

What is water polo betting? – Water polo emerged from major sporting events. It has not only become an important part of the Olympic Games and prestigious sporting events but also always excites gambling enthusiasts. With its special appeal, water polo betting has become a trend not to be missed in the betting community. Let’s explore with W88 how to play water polo betting online through this article!

What sport is water polo?

Water polo, also known as water polo, is a competitive sport played in teams and in water. Each team consists of 7 members: 6 players and 1 goalkeeper.

The goal of the match is to put as many balls into the opponent’s net as possible within the time limit. This is a sport that requires good swimming and standing skills in the water. Players need to be creative and skillful to create scoring opportunities and defend firmly.

Water polo combines strength, speed and adaptability to the water environment. Competition is not just a fight between teams. But it is also a challenge to overcome yourself and discover your limits.

Water polo betting rules

Before starting to play water polo betting . You must clearly understand the rules of this sport:

The competition has 4 rounds, each round is 7 minutes.

The team consists of 7 starting players and 6 substitutes. In the official squad there are 6 strikers and 1 goalkeeper protecting the net. Substitute players can be replaced individually on the field when necessary.

The player’s task is to put the ball into the opponent’s net as much as possible. during replay Players are only allowed to use one hand to catch the ball. Meanwhile, the goalkeeper is allowed to use both hands to catch the ball.

The attacking player may not hold the ball for more than 30 seconds and may not hold the ball with both hands. Additionally, they cannot stay on the opposing team’s field for more than 20 seconds.

During competition, players are not allowed to splash water on their opponents’ faces. causing visual shock Doing so will be considered a foul. If a player commits 5 fouls in a round, he is disqualified. Each time a player commits a foul, the opposing team will be awarded a free throw.

What is water polo betting?

In the exciting world of water polo There are many interesting betting styles that you can find at bookmakers. Here are some popular betting styles we want to share with you:

  • Bet on the final winner
  • Bet on the winning team
  • Handicap bet
  • Bet on the free throw team
  • Bet on which player will score first.
  • Bet on the leading team in the first half.
  • Bet on the player who scores the most points in the match.

There are also other interesting forms of water polo betting . There are many other things you can explore. Such as predicting the champion of the season. Bet on the player to score the last point of the match. Or bet on the away team/home team receiving more penalties, etc

Instructions for water polo betting at W88

How to bet on water polo at W88 is very easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Step 1: Download the betting application or visit the W88 homepage on your mobile device or computer.
  • Step 2: Register an account by filling in personal information according to the instructions in the system. Please use the same name as the bank account you want to use to transact with the house.
  • Step 3: Deposit money into the game account you just created. You can follow the instructions available in the system or contact the hotline or talk to customer service staff for assistance in recharging.
  • Step 4: Return to the W88 homepage and search for the sports section. Choose a water balloon.
  • Step 5: Find and choose interesting and reasonable bets that you think have the potential to win big.

Experience in water polo betting at W88

For the best betting experience, it is important to understand the bet types and rules of the game.

When participating in water polo betting at W88. You need to determine your betting goals. You may want to bet to win or simply to enjoy the match. Whatever your goals, it’s important to stay informed about teams, players, and sporting events.

Another equally important factor is learning about types of bets. At W88, you will have the opportunity to participate in many different types of bets such as Asian bets, exact score bets, 1st/2nd half bets, and many other types of bets. Understanding each type of bet will help you optimize your chances of winning and avoid unnecessary risks.

Capital management is also very important. Make sure you only bet money that you can afford to lose. And this limit should not be exceeded. Careful capital management will help you maintain a long-term betting experience and avoid unwanted financial risks.


Water polo betting is a new and interesting option for players. Join the leading reputable bookmaker W88 to experience a reliable and exciting playground.

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