What is golf betting? Experience effective golf betting with bookmaker w88

What is golf betting?Golf is considered an elite subject, but recently it has gradually come closer and become quite popular in Vietnam. Famous bookmakers are gradually bringing this sport into sports betting with attractive odds. What types of bets are included? Always a winning golf betting experience? Surely this is the question of many bettors as well as those who are new to betting. So let this article at W88 answer all your questions about this topic.

What is golf betting?

Online golf betting is a form of betting in which players use money to bet on the odds that the bookmaker offers for the team they think will win the tournament.

Just like other sports such as football, volleyball, badminton, baseball… golf betting also has many different forms such as over/under betting. Odd/even bets Last winning bet…

Betting experts at the bookmaker analyze and evaluate the team’s odds in the match. The house will prepare a table of odds in the form of golf betting for players to choose from.

What is golf betting?

Rules for Golf Betting at Bookies

The bookmaker controls the betting process in a fair and transparent manner. You must clearly understand the rules of the game before placing a bet. Some golf betting rules commonly used by bookmakers are as follows:

Home field bets are valid and are calculated from the moment the player stands in the position marked by the tee box, takes the bat and first makes contact with the ball.

If a betting match has a player withdrawing for any reason before the match takes place. All bets on that player will be void. The bet will be returned to the player.

If a match is delayed for any reason:

If within 48 hours of local time the Contest continues. Betting will continue.

If 48 hours have passed since local time and the match has not yet started -> All bets on that match will be void. Bets will be refunded to the player.

Golf Betting Like other sports Most have many popular styles. Bettors have many different options. 

Bet on the golfer winning the tournament.

With this form of betting, the Player will predict the final winning team/team. If the player chooses correctly, he or she will receive a bonus based on the payout rate that the house offers for this bet. If you lose, the player will lose the entire bet amount.

Over/Under Betting

This form of betting is no different from over/under betting in soccer, volleyball, badminton, hockey…

The player guesses the total score of the two players and chooses High (greater) or Low (less) based on the number given by the dealer.

Handicap bet

The bookmaker’s betting experts evaluate strong and weak athletes/teams. Where the bookmaker will provide the relevant handicap. Players bet on teams whose handicaps they consider the easiest to overcome..

Bookmakers will have different payout rates for different athletes/teams. It is based on analytical data of strong and weak athletes/teams.

There are also other forms such as top 4, top 5, top 6, top 10 overall bets. 18 hole 2 and 3 ball bets, Hole-in-one bets, bets on the total number of players under par. , Playoff bets or not, tournament group bets;…

Instructions for golf betting at W88 to always win

To bet on golf effectively, you must refer to the following experience. W88 has more than 10 years of experience betting on most sports. Hopefully the following experience will help you feel less confused when playing golf betting:

Please read carefully the rules of the game and golf betting regulations at the bookmaker where you will place your bet. If you don’t read carefully, you will easily waste money foolishly.

Follow the match schedule and, if possible, record it so you don’t miss out on exciting bets and matches.

Observe and analyze the match history of the athletes/teams you bet on to see if their performance is good or not. And is this match easy to win? If it doesn’t feel right, change teams to have a better chance of winning.

Refer to the experiences of previous seniors. This is one of the main factors that help win big in many bets. If you are new You will need to find an experienced bettor to learn from. If you don’t mind, W88 will help you (completely free).

The most important thing is to choose a reputable dealer. Avoid encountering scam websites and bookmakers who will be tricked into taking your money.


Above is all the information about golf betting. This is a relatively new betting topic for you. Hopefully the above information helps you know what golf betting is. What formats are available? What are the rules and odds? From the above sharing, we hope you will have interesting betting experiences in this sport. Wishing you success and exciting moments when betting on sports with the bookmaker!

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