What is Sic-Bo 3.75 bet? The most accurate way to read Sic Bo 3.75 betting odds

What is Sic-Bo 3.75 bet? Sic Bo 3.75 is a fairly popular odds in soccer betting. This is a type of betting that is attracting the attention of many bettors at soccer betting sites today. So what is Sic Bo 3.75 bet? The most accurate way to read odds In the article below, W88 will explain everything from A – Z about Sic Bo 3.75 odds for you to understand better.

What is Sic-Bo 3.75 bet?

What is Sic-Bo 3.75 bet? This bet is also known as Sic Bo 3.5-4 bet. This type of bet often appears in major football tournaments such as the Premier League, Spanish Cup, C1 Cup, etc. In addition, in tournaments with attacking gameplay, this type of bet also often appears.

With Sic Bo 3.75 bet type, players do not need to care which team wins. But you only have to focus on the total number of goals scored by both teams.

Players who predict the total number of goals will be higher than 3.75 will place an over bet.

Players predicting total goals under 3.75 will bet Under.

In Sic Bo 3.5-4 bets, only 90 minutes of regular play and extra time are counted. This bet will not be counted during extra time.

What is Sic-Bo 3.75 bet?

What is the most accurate reading of Sic-Bo 3.75 bet?

How to read this bet is quite simple. You just need to pay attention to the total number of goals scored by the 2 teams to bet:

If the match has a total number of goals equal to or greater than 5, the player who bets on Over will win. And the player who bets under will lose the bet.

If the total number of goals in the match is 4, the player who bets Over will win half of the bet. and under will lose half of the bet.

If the total number of goals scored in the match is 3 or less, Under will win all bets. This means Over will lose the entire bet.

What is the way to calculate win or loss when betting on Sic Bo 3.75?

What is the calculation of the win/loss ratio in Sic-Bo 3.75 bet? The way to calculate the over/under ratio is very simple. One only needs to analyze and predict the total number of goals scored by both teams during regular time and extra time. and compare with the odds offered by the bookmaker. If you guess correctly, you will receive a bonus according to the house rate. To understand better, please see the following example:

The match takes place between the two teams Melbourne City FC U21 and Western United U21, the bookmaker offers Sic Bo odds of 3.5-4 with odds of 0.93. Let’s say the final result is Melbourne. N City FC U21 3 – 2 Western United U21 Thus, the total number of goals scored by both teams in the following cases:

  • If you bet over 4 versus betting 100K: the bonus you receive is 100K x 0.93 = 93K
  • If in this case you bet under with a bet of 100K, you will lose the entire 100K bet amount.

What is the experience of playing Sic-Bo 3.75?

To know what the experience of playing Sic Bo 3.75 is. You should learn the experience of playing sure-to-win odds shared by the following experts:

Get information about the competition

First you need to determine what type of tournament this is to find information about the tournament such as participating teams, team achievements, and lineup. Past history of success… Understanding this information will help you make more accurate decisions. Most of this information is now available on the internet so you can easily access the information and analysis. Please note that this information must be obtained from reliable sources and must be highly accurate.

Check the odds and choose the time to bet 3.75.

Odds betting is something you cannot ignore in soccer betting. Especially in the 3.5 4 tie xiu bet, because it helps you know which bet has a higher winning rate. To decide which bet is “good”, you can refer to reputable betting sites to gain more betting experience.

After consulting many sources, if you find that Sic Bo bet has a higher chance of winning, then choose this bet. Please note that you should not rush when placing your bets. You should wait 15 to 20 minutes before placing a bet. Because then you can observe the competitive landscape and make informed decisions.

Refer to the bookmaker’s odds index.

Before the competition takes place, the house will provide an odds table for players to consider betting. According to experts, the period when the house has just launched betting is the right time for you to bet effectively. You can check how the betting index fluctuates to determine your betting level accordingly.

Keep calm in all situations

The mind is very important in influencing betting decisions. Therefore, when betting on football, players must always keep a calm and steady mind. Currently, some bookmakers have many tricks to influence players’ decisions. Offer seemingly attractive odds to attract players. Therefore, players must be careful, analytical and alert to not fall into pre-set traps.


The above article talks in detail about what Sic-Bo 3.75 betis? This bet is the type of bet that can help you win big bonuses if you clearly understand how to play Sic Bo 3.75 and accumulate a lot of experience. In addition to the high odds there are still some risks. Therefore, you need to be careful and alert to make the best betting decisions. Good luck to all players and get huge bonuses from this bet!

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