What is Sic Bo bet 3.5? How to bet on Sic Bo bet 3.5 for sure to win 

What is Sic Bo bet 3.5? 3.5 odds are one of the popular types of odds in Asia and Europe, including Vietnam. For those who have been playing for a long time, the odds of 3.5 will certainly no longer be strange. However, for new players, when it comes to the 3.5 handicap, there will be a lot of confusion. So to know what Sic Bo bet 3.5 is? Read the article below from our bookmaker w88 to gain more experience when playing 3.5 odds and always win .

What is Sic Bo bet 3.5?

What is Sic Bo bet 3.5? This Sic Bo 3.5 bet is chosen by many players. When playing 3.5 bets, players do not need to care about which team wins or which team loses. What players need to pay attention to is the total number of goals in the match to make the right choice.

In case the home team offers 3.5 odds right from the beginning of the match. There will certainly be many goals in this bet. When Sic Bo 3.5 appears, the player who bets Over will win when the match has 4 or more goals.

What is Sic Bo bet 3.5?

How to recognize when betting on Sic Bo 3.5?

The top team has better form and playing style than the bottom team. The stronger team loses 1.5-2 goals compared to the weaker team, so Sic Bo ratio is higher.

  • The two teams competing against each other do not have much difference in strength. But the playing style prefers aggressive attack.
  • There is not much difference between the two teams and each match has many goals so the Over/Under ratio is higher.
  • When betting Over/Under 3.5, there is no case of winning or losing half the money like other bets.

What is the most accurate reading from experts of Sic Bo 3.5 betting odds?

To know how to read Sic Bo 3.5 betting odds? and efficiency. It is important that players clearly understand how to read odds. Below is how to read the 3.5 odds that players can refer to:

Choose to bet over 3.5

  • In case the total number of goals scored in the match is greater than or equal to 4, the player who chooses to bet Over will be the winner.
  • In case the total number of goals scored in the match is less than or equal to 3 goals (0-0, 1-0, 2-0…), the player who chooses to bet Over will lose.

Choose under 3.5

  • The player who chooses to bet over 3.5 is the winner and gets money when the total number of goals scored in the match is 3 or less.
  • Players who choose to bet Under will lose when the total number of goals is greater than or equal to 4 goals.

What are the tips to win big when playing Sic Bo 3.5?

Playing any bet, if you want to win, you must predict and analyze the match as accurately as possible. Players must know how to choose the right time and know how to pay to preserve their money. If from the beginning of the match bet on Sic Bo 3.5. But the home team offers a handicap of only 0.88. Players should not rush to place bets. They should watch for 5-10 minutes and then bet when the odds get higher.

Players should analyze the Sic Bo 3.5 odds and wait for the odds to stabilize before placing a bet. You should not bet right before the ball explodes if you have not bet right from the beginning of the match. In case of entering a competition, Sic Bo bet level increases. These two teams are very compatible. At this time, the dealer is afraid of losing the bet so he increases Sic Bo bet. Therefore, players should calmly consider the progress of the match before making a decision.


The above article is all about what is Sic Bo bet 3.5? . We hope that the article above about Sic Bo 3.5 odds will help you in choosing to play 3.5 odds. Always be confident in your ability to choose betting and learn to accumulate more experience. Please continue to download W88 immediately and reliably in a short time. You will become a betting expert. Thank. Good luck and choose the most suitable betting odds.

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