What is Sic Bo bet 2.75? What is the experience of betting on Sic Bo 2.5-3?

In the previous article we discussed Sic Bo betting on soccer matches. In this article we will present what Sic Bo bet 2.75 is? What is Sic Bo bet 2.5-3? Or what is Sic Bo bet 2 3/4? As well as how to calculate money and betting experience, what is Sic Bo bet of 2 3/4? will always win against the house, shared through the article at W88.

What is Sic Bo bet 2.75?

What is Sic Bo 2.75 bet? or the above name is also known as Sic Bo 2 3⁄4 bet and also known as the Sic Bor bet 2.5-3. This is a type of Sic Bo bet that often appears in football matches with special properties. This type of Sic Bo bet is often chosen by many players. Especially when the stakes are too high.

What is Sic Bo bet 2.75?

How to Calculate Sic Bo bets 2.75

When the total number of goals in a match is less than 2, players who bet big will lose all their money. And the player who bets lower wins the entire amount.

Likewise, when the total number of goals in a match is greater than 3, the player who bets over will win the entire amount. And players who bet under will lose all their money. 

Therefore, when the total goals of the match are 3 goals, the player who bets Over and Under will lose and receive half the money. 

For example, when Team A and Team B compete, the bookmaker will offer an Sic Bol bet of 2 3⁄4 with an Sic Bo of 0.90 and an Under of 0.98. If you bet over 100 USD, the calculation is as follows. :

If the match has 2 goals, you will lose 100 USD.

If the total score is greater than 4 goals, you win with the following ratio: 100 USD x 0.90 = 90 USD (principal not included).

If the total number of goals is 3, you will be paid 1/2: ($100 x 0.90)/2 = $45 (principal not included).

The way to calculate the bet under 2 3⁄4 in the above case is similar, just change the win rate to 0.98.

Betting experience What is Sic Bo 2.75?

What is the experience of playing Sic Bo bet 2.75? Below are Sic Bo 2.75 betting experiences of online soccer betting experts. You can refer to and determine your own method to win.

Pre-match betting experience

For those who like to bet over with Sic Bo bets 2 3/4 , you can choose matches from famous official tournaments.

Bet on matches with an Sic Bo bet of 1/2 or less and a win rate higher than 0.80.

Betting under for a handicap match has higher odds of 1 goal and a lower chance of winning the bet.

You should bet on Sic Bo 2 3/4 when the odds are decreasing and Sic Bo remains unchanged.

Experience in betting on matches

With Sic Bo bets in a match, players must prepare certain information about the match such as: head-to-head records, gameplay and tactical diagrams… It is important to remember to bet Sic Bo when the bookmaker show. Betting through to the end of the match is carried out to allow fair betting comparison.

When the match lasts about 10 minutes, players can bet on the first half. According to experience, matches with an Sic Bo score of 2 3⁄4 usually end in the first half.

In addition to the above 2 3/4 Sic Bo betting experience, choosing the tournament as well as managing the bet amount is also very important so players can beat the house.


Above is the information about what is Sic Bo bet 2.75? As well as Sic Bo 2 3⁄4 betting experience shared by experienced betting experts. Hopefully it will help players gain more betting experience in this type of betting. Don’t forget to follow the W88 homepage to update the best betting experience. Good luck and victory

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