What is Sic Bo 3 bet? How to bet easily to win

What is Sic Bo 3 bet? This bet is for those who are passionate about online soccer betting. The types of odds that bookmaker W88 offers cannot be ignored. Because during the match, each development of the match can lead to different types of bets and Sic Bo 3 bet is no exception. To clearly understand what Sic Bo 3 bet is? Then we invite you to refer to the article below at W88.

What is Sic Bo 3 bet?

What is Sic Bo 3 bet? This bet uses the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match to determine the winner or loser.

If the match ends and the total score of both teams is greater than 3 goals, the Over bet wins and the Under bet loses. Conversely, if the total number of goals scored in a match is less than 3, the under bet will win. and bet more than you will lose.

What is Sic Bo 3 bet?

What is the way to distinguish between winning and losing in Sic Bo 3 bets?

Below are some situations where players can win or lose when participating in 3 Ball Sic Bo bets:

When the match ends, if the total number of goals is 4 or more like 3 – 1,2 – 2,3 – 2,1 – 3,2 – 3,0 – 4,4 – 4,… Over bettors will be the winner. and under bets will lose.

If the whole match has a total of 3 goals such as 1 – 2,2 – 1,0 – 3,3 – 0, then whichever goal the player chooses will be a draw and everyone will go home.

If the total result is less than 3 goals such as 2 – 0,0 – 2,0 – 0,0 -1 1,1 – 0, the player who bets Over will lose and vice versa. Stay on the underside and win.

How to read Sic Bo 3 betting odds?

Players want to know how to read Sic Bo 3 betting odds? We invite you to look at the following specific examples.

For example, let’s say the Stuttgart vs Hoffenheim two-team football bet is reduced to 3 points, the Sic Bo ratio is over 0.96 and the win rate is 0.92 which is 100,000. Play like this:

If the total score of the two teams at the end of the match is 2 goals, the player who bets on the under bet will win 100,000 x 0.92 = 92,000, and the player who bets on the over bet will lose 100,000.

If the match between Stuttgart vs Hoffenheim ends with a total of 3 goals, the player who bets Over or Under will break even.

If the match ends and the total score of both teams is 4 goals or more, the player who bets Over wins 0.96 x 100 = 96k and the player who bets Under loses a total bet of 100,000.

What is the experience of betting on Sic Bo 3 betting odds? will always win.

What is the experience of Sic Bo 3 betting to win? To be able to bet Sic Bo 3 goals and always win. You have to rely on many different factors. Below are some factors and experiences that players can refer to when choosing to bet on this bet:

Study each team

Before choosing to bet on a specific bet, players need to carefully study the relevant information of each team. And the same is true for 3-Ball Sic Bo bets, as each team has a different coach and the same playing style.

If the players understand how the team works, it means they can easily predict the playing style they will use. Players can then choose their bet level to place the most suitable bet.

Follow contest results

Odds will fluctuate depending on the time of the match. If the match score remains 0 – 0 in the first 15 minutes then the odds will increase. Therefore, players should not rush to bet as soon as the match starts.

But as the odds increase, your risk of losing also increases. Therefore, players should think before making the final bet to avoid large economic losses.

mental stability

Psychological stability is one of the important factors that determine win or loss when betting on Over/Under 3.

Players should ensure that they remain calm at all times. and be in good shape before placing your bet. You should not listen to others and ignore your original thoughts and plans.

What are the things to note when participating in Sic Bo 3 bets?

According to soccer betting experts, Sic Bo 3 bets are quite easy to play. Players must pay attention to their tournament and match selection when placing this bet.

Players also need to analyze match data such as encounter history, performance, competition strength, player list, etc.

Sic Bo 3 bets is considered a bet with high volatility. Therefore, when placing bets, players need to regularly update the payout level for their bets.

Players should also compare payout values ​​for the same bet across multiple bookmakers and then choose the appropriate bookmaker to achieve maximum profits.

Before placing a bet, please review the information. Betting articles are provided by reputable betting websites. To make more accurate judgments Bet more effectively and minimize possible risks


Through the above article, everyone knows a little about what Sic Bo bet 3 is. If players want to always win this bet, they need to spend some time researching and applying it in practice to have a high chance of winning. Hope it helps everyone. And don’t forget to choose the most famous and trustworthy bookmaker to bet on!

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