What are the score difference bets? Match Prediction in Soccer Betting

Score difference bets is not only a form of betting but also the art of predicting victory and the attractiveness of each match. With the ability to open up great opportunities for players, score difference betting not only requires a deep understanding of sports but also requires sophistication and strategy. Let’s explore this type of bet with W88!

What are the score difference bets?

Score difference bets, also known as the difference handicap, is one of the popular types of bets in soccer betting. When participating in score difference betting, players will bet on the final result of the match with a specific score gap between the two teams.

To understand better, we can consider a specific example. Suppose in a match between team A and team B, the bookmaker offers a 0:1 score difference. This means that team B is considered stronger and must win by at least one goal for you to bet on team B to win. On the contrary, if you bet on team A, team A only needs to keep the window or even lose by a margin of one goal for you to win.

Score difference bets often bring attraction to players because of their competitiveness and ability to generate high profits. However, reading and understanding the difference in scores can sometimes be complicated, especially for those new to betting. It is important to master how to read the odds and clearly understand the team’s form, form and playing style.

What are the score difference bets?

Extremely hot ways to bet on score differences

There are many ways to bet on score differences bets in soccer matche. Each method brings its own opportunities and risks. Below are some popular betting methods that players often apply when wanting to participate in this type of bet.

Bet on exact score difference bets

This is the most popular way to bet and also the most difficult way to bet. Players will bet on the exact score of the match. For example, you can bet that a match will end 2-1 for the home team. This is the type of bet with the highest reward rate due to its high accuracy.

Bet on score difference by half

This type of bet requires predicting the score of the match at both times: from the first half and the total after the match. For example, you can bet that the away team will take the lead at half time but in the end the match will end in a draw.

Bet on score difference over time period

In this type of bet, the player will bet on the specific time a goal will be scored. For example, you can bet that a goal will be scored between the 60th and 75th minute.

Bet on score difference based on which team scores first 

This type of bet requires predicting which team will score the first goal in the match.

Odd/even score difference betting

In this type of bet, the player will bet on whether the total number of goals will be even or odd.

Each type of bet has its strengths and weaknesses. It is important that players need to thoroughly understand information about the team, players, and playing conditions before deciding to bet. Score difference bets not only bring thrill but also the opportunity to make big profits if the player is skilled and lucky.

Classification of score difference bets

In soccer, score difference bets are an important aspect in evaluating and predicting the outcome of a match. There are many ways to classify score difference bets, from simple analyzes to complex models based on statistical data.

A common way to classify score difference bets is based on the difference in scores between the two teams. When two teams have differences in achievements, strength and form, predicting the results becomes easier. In this case, score difference bets can be classified into “large” (large difference), “medium” (medium difference) and “small” (small difference).

In addition, the classification of score difference bets can also be based on the home – away field factor. The home team often has a mental advantage as well as familiarity with the field, so goal difference bets can be classified in this direction. Odds can be labeled as “favorite host”, “favourite host” or “underdog”.

Another important factor in classifying score difference bets is based on statistical data on each team’s scoring and conceding performance. By analyzing these indicators, players can determine the scoring and conceding trends of each team, thereby making predictions about the goal difference.


The score difference bets is a form of betting in the soccer betting industry. The player’s understanding, strategy and prediction skills will determine success or failure, and through it, the match becomes more attractive and memorable.

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