How to recognize fake bets? what is a fake bets?

When betting on soccer online, players often encounter fake bets. This is a bookmaker’s trap that causes players to have a loss rate of up to 90%. So how to recognize what bets are and avoid them? Let’s find out with W88 and see how to recognize fake bets!

What is a fake bets?

You can easily understand that fake betting is a trick that bookmakers use to trap players into betting on the losing side. Betting odds fluctuate. Continuously change up and down in the direction of increasing bonuses to attract players to bet on their favorite bookies. Therefore, if you do not have a way to consciously recognize the odds and fake bets, you will fall into the house’s trap. You will definitely be the loser and lose your fake bet.

The purpose of fake betting is a trap set by the house to gain more profit from the player’s bet. Therefore, the house will come up with many clever tricks that make it difficult for players to detect and bet. If you do not have a way to recognize carefully calculated fake bets or bet hastily according to the bookmaker’s instructions, you will easily lose money unfairly. It is best for players to choose a reputable and professional house. At the same time, please calculate carefully before placing a bet.

Advice on how to recognize fake bookmakers’ bets.

When you really understand what the nature of fake bets in football is.. You should learn more about how to recognize fake bets to avoid losing bets or losing all your bets. Here’s how to recognize the bookmaker’s fake betting odds:

How to recognize fake bets

How to recognize fake bets and find out the bookmaker’s odds

Understanding the odds is one of the main ways to help players detect whether they are making fake bets or not. You must clearly understand and regularly update the bookmaker’s odds and betting rules for each match. Then analyze and determine whether the offered odds are correct for the match situation or not.

If found unreasonable and the betting level used is very high. That means it is a trap bet and you must avoid it. If players do not know how to recognize fake bets and the odds, they will easily fall into the trap set by the house.

How to recognize fake bets – Observe the fluctuations in odds

Usually before a football match takes place. Bookmakers constantly adjust and change odds to attract and distract players. Therefore, members participating in online betting must monitor the changing odds in the match about 2 hours before the match takes place. That was the time when betting organizations often made false bets that made people confused, as can be found

Although every bookmaker offers bait bets before the match to trap bettors and create balance for all bets. If bait betting is discovered in time, it can also be a sweet gamble. Therefore, players must observe carefully which bets are fake and which are sweet bets to bet correctly.

 Find contest information

Finding and tracking information about each match in general and both teams in particular is necessary to help players remember the exact amount of their bet. Therefore, players need to clearly understand their strengths and performance. Competition history Lost goals/contributions… To be able to determine which team is strong and which team is weak, on the other hand, you also make the most objective decision for yourself. Avoid falling into a betting situation when the house is insolvent.

In addition, players must carefully observe the odds on the match betting table. Any betting should be avoided. There is no clear information yet, but the betting odds are unusually high.

Evaluate whether the bet level is really reasonable or not.

To know clearly whether the betting levels offered by the house are attractive or not. Players need to clearly understand the type of bet they are participating in. Betting must ensure that all data and information are calculated scientifically and reasonably.

It’s best for players to only bet on reasonable odds. There are slight fluctuations during competition. If there are any changes, it is not significant because these bets are safe for you to choose, increasing your chances of winning.

Some notes to avoid betting from bookmakers.

Usually, less reputable bookmakers will have tricks to lure players. They want to push players into losing bets to earn more profits for themselves. So, players need to know the following to get a betting example:

Choose a professional bookmaker with high reliability. Because they always offer clear and transparent betting levels, bonuses as well as game rules.

In case the odds change rapidly You must stay calm and not panic or worry to make wise decisions when placing bets.

If you notice that the odds are fluctuating too much and the number of bets is in favor of a certain team. You should consider not betting according to the majority or based on your emotions.

Players need to continuously learn and accumulate experience from experts and professional players. Then you will have your own playing strategy. without being affected by the odds from the house.


We hope that after researching information on how to recognize fake bets, W88 will share. You will be able to control your perception of the bookmaker’s bets. You can refer to the betting guide to learn more effective betting tips.

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