What is a penalty card bet? Instructions for calculating and betting on penalty cards at W88

What is a penalty card bet?Each soccer bet has its own advantages. If you have never tried betting on penalty cards , you will regret it. Because this type of betting is currently considered the easiest to play, suitable for all audiences. At the same time, soccer bookmakers also offer very high winning rates for penalty card bets. Now let’s learn with W88 what the concept of penalty card betting is?. W88 will reveal more about how penalty cards are calculated and how to bet on soccer betting. Now let’s learn more about this type of soccer betting .

What is a penalty card bet? 

What is a penalty card bet? Penalty card betting is a type of soccer betting. The player guesses the number of penalty cards appearing in the match. If the prediction is correct, the Player will be rewarded according to the corresponding odds. This type of soccer betting is also known in English as Over/Under betting. In other words, will this Penalty bet be Over or Under? The bookmaker determines the total score to determine the Over/Under level for this type of bet.

Today, if you want to bet on penalty cards. Play at bookmaker W88. This place not only offers all types of soccer betting odds. It also ensures that bets are constantly updated and has the highest reward rates in the region.

Bet on penalty cards based on the number of red and yellow cards. Each type of penalty card has a different number of penalty points. After the match time ends, the system is based on the penalty card rate and the penalty card results in the match. If the player wins the bet, he or she will receive a prize according to regulations.

What is a penalty card bet?

To meet the needs of today’s gamblers. Reputable bookmaker W88 has provided many types of bets for players to choose from.

For betting on penalty cards. Players can easily participate in betting without any problems. After guessing the number of red or yellow cards in the match. Finally, you just need to wait for the results and receive the prize.

Below is a complete list of penalty card bets in soccer.

  • Golden Card Round 1
  • Red card in the first half
  • Yellow card for the whole match (whole match)
  • Red card for the whole match (whole match)
  • Bet on the first penalty of the match
  • Last booking in the match.
  • Over / Under betting on penalty cards in the first half (yellow card, red card)
  • Over/Under betting odds with Penalty Cards for the entire match.
  • Bet on even or odd cards in the first half.

Football penalty card betting also has many different odds. You also need to consider and evaluate the appropriate odds for you to bet.

Instructions on how to calculate and bet on basic penalty card bets.

If you want to know how the penalty card odds are calculated? Then you should read this article with bookmaker W88 to learn more about how to calculate penalty card bets:

When betting on penalty cards for a match, the Bookmaker is responsible for announcing the odds and penalty card rate. This type of bet is divided into first half bets and full match bets.

To know how to read odds You can use basic rules to read soccer bookmaker odds. That means knowing your betting parameters and the bonus rates that come with it.

How to calculate penalty card bets

Penalty cards are calculated by points and are classified as follows:

If you get a yellow card => 1 point

If you get a red card => 2 points

It depends on the regulations of each type of betting. Betting time usually lasts until the end of the first half or the end of the competition. The system will base on results and pay salaries according to regulations.

Winning amount when betting Penalty Cards = Bet amount * Odds when you bet

Specifically, a player will receive two yellow cards at the same time in a match. At this time, the number of penalty cards will be counted as 4 points. Specifically, 2 yellow cards will get 2 points. Red card after receiving 2 yellow cards will be 2 points. The total number of penalty cards this round is 4 points.

How to bet on soccer penalty cards

If you are interested and want to bet on penalty cards in soccer. Then you should remember the following steps.

  • Step 1: Get the link to access bookmaker W88
  • Step 2: Register or log in to your account. Then deposit money and receive the promotion.
  • Step 3: Choose the sports betting lobby provided by W88.
  • Step 4: Find the Booking Odds and select the tournament/match you want to bet on.
  • Step 5: Evaluate, evaluate and rate the odds carefully. Finally, use money to bet on the penalty card you just selected.

In case the player wins the Penalty Card Bet. This system is based on betting slips and associated winning odds. The bonus will then be automatically transferred to your wallet.


At this point, it seems like we have just learned together the definition of betting on penalty cards in soccer. This is a type of soccer betting that is really interesting and worth experiencing. Therefore, those who want to bet on football with penalty cards should come to W88 to explore.

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