What is Odd even betting? Experience in odd even betting in soccer betting

What is Odd even betting?Odd even betting is a type of side bet. But it is very popular among gamblers. Not only is it easy to understand how to play. But the important thing is that this bet can bring big wins. So what is the Odd even betting? In today’s article W88 will share with readers the necessary information about this type of betting .

What is odd even betting?

What is odd even betting? This type of bet is based on the total number of goals scored in the match. The player predicts whether the total number of goals scored in all matches will be even or odd. After that, the player will continue to bet on even or odd numbers. If the final result matches the prediction, the Player wins the bet and receives a bonus.

This form of betting depends a lot on luck because no one can predict the outcome of the match. However, you can refer to some Odd even betting experiences below to increase your chances of winning.

What is odd even betting?

Experience predicting odd even betting from experts.

Based on performance

It depends on the form of both teams. Players can also rely on the performance of both teams in recent matches or the level of both teams. So, if two big teams have special playing styles. Being difficult to beat, they tend to score fewer goals, making it easier to predict the score. Vice versa If the results of two teams are very different One team is the top team. and the remaining team is the bottom team. And being able to score many goals is even more difficult.

Depends on the handicap

Players rely on soccer odds offered by the bookmaker to predict the match score. From this score prediction the total number of goals is predicted to be even or odd.

Odd even is just a side bet

Odd even betting is more about luck. Therefore, players should not bet too much on these types of bets. Approximately 10% of the bet amount will be deducted for split bets and occasional bets.

Keep a clear mind when betting.

When participating in betting, it’s not just about equality. But those are all types of gambling. Players need to have a clear mind to make accurate predictions.

Some tips for playing Odd even betting

Some historic encounters have yielded few goals. Usually draw or win or lose with a score of 1-2; Players can easily bet on this bet. If a match has many goals to reduce equality, it is because it is difficult to accurately predict the match score.

Try betting on a battle between two equally strong teams. In the first half, the score was tied 0 – 0, maybe higher.

This type of betting carries a high level of risk. Therefore, players should only place small, moderate bets to minimize overall losses.

Combine multiple bets to increase players’ chances of winning.

How to view and read Odd even betting

According to the above combined odds, Odd even betting are based on whether the total number of goals scored in a match is odd or even. especially since no goals are considered equal.

How to bet to get the most accurate results

Currently, bookmakers provide participants with a payout table with full details about match scores and betting odds. For example, if you bet the home team to win 1 – 0, the odds are 6.5, then when the match result is 1 – . Exactly 0, you will receive your bet multiplied by 6.5 times.

Please note that in the bookmaker’s payout table. Points not included in the table are marked with the symbol AOS. These ratios can be very low, such as 6 – 4 or 7 – 5… but they are not impossible. And the odds are 100 times greater.

Bet on the final result

Usually, betting on the final result will affect the team’s progress. Regardless of the opponent’s performance or choices in the match.

Things to keep in mind when playing Odd even betting

Number of goals scored by both teams.

Since this is a score bet, you should consider the number of goals and losses of both teams before placing your bet. Therefore, we need to know at least the number of goals scored in the last 5 matches. Statistics are too few. not enough foundation Too little statistical time too long So you can easily see the play of the whole team and the performance of each individual. If the team wants to tie then a tie usually has a higher chance of winning.

Research the names of both teams’ starting players.

You also need to keep an eye on the starting lineup of both teams. At the same time, it decides which striker has the strongest long-range shooting ability. Are there any players who cannot play due to suspension or injury? These are all factors that affect the score of the match.

Bet small to limit risks.

This is an important lesson that beginners need to remember. To avoid painful scams from bookmakers. You should start with small bets. Since this is a random bet, you still run the risk of losing money. Then if you bet small You will have money to repay your investment.


Above is basic information about odd even betting. How to read odd even betting experience. Let’s try and win when playing at the house. Good luck.

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