Cricket Betting – Guide to cricket betting at W88

Cricket BettingCricket is a sports betting sport that not many players are familiar with, but for many countries around the world. This is a team sports betting sport that attracts and receives as much attention as any other sport. W88 Cricket betting is not easy if players do not have knowledge about it. If you are a new player joining the game for the first time. You can refer to the W88 Cricket Betting Tips article below to understand and understand the betting steps .

What is cricket betting?

Cricket, known in Vietnamese as stickball. This is one of the highly entertaining sports. The game takes place between two teams. Each team has 11 players playing on a circular grass field. Participants in this sport are not allowed to use their feet to kick the ball. But that can only be done by using a special bat to hit the ball. The tournament rotates pitching and batting teams between the two participating teams. Each team has two players assigned to hit the ball. These two members will stand opposite each other, each with their own mission.

The person in front catches the opponent’s ball to hit the ball. Another person standing next to the opposing member will throw the ball. The main task of those participating in this sport is to protect the 3 rear gate pillars. Above the three pillars are two wooden bars. If one of the clubs is dropped to the ground by an opponent, the player hitting the ball is eliminated.

Cricket is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the house offers Cricket betting for this sport so players can satisfy their passion. W88 is no slouch either, providing a full range of popular W88 Cricket matches that are interactive. Eye-catching investment interface for players to participate

Players predict the home winner with different prize odds for each bet. The player will receive the corresponding bet amount if he wins the bet. If you lose, you lose the entire bet amount.

What is cricket betting?

Instructions for betting on cricket at W88

To conveniently join W88 Cricket Betting and bet successfully. Players should follow these steps:

Step 1: Access and log in to W88

First, players go to W88’s official homepage via the link below:

Players who already know how to register for W88 can proceed to open an account. You just need to click the “Register” button and fill in the personal information we require so that the system can process the information to create an account for you.

Step 2: Go to W88 Cricket Game and select the match.

At the home page interface, players select “Sports” and there are 3 game rooms providing cricket products for players to choose from.

When arriving at the game lobby interface. You will find that the house has a lot of sports. Players scroll down the vertical menu bar and search for “Cricket”. The system will list all cricket matches and tournaments that are open for betting at home so players can bet.

Step 3: Start W88 cricket betting and win

Players select the match they want to bet on on W88 Cricket and click on the odds for that team. Then select the amount you want to bet on the bet slip and click confirm to complete. Players just need to follow the matches and view the results to know the results of their bets.

If the player wins the Bonus will be added to your game account. If you win big, you can leave a betting slip to collect W88 bonus points to exchange for items. Or if you have rights and want to be assured of safety, you can withdraw W88 money to your bank account.

Some regulations on cricket betting at W88

For bets to be valid the match must start at the specified time. If a non-timed match is postponed or abandoned and the match resumes within 12 hours then bets will still be considered valid. If no action is taken within 12 hours, bets will be void.

In case there is a change in the match venue compared to the original match schedule, home team bets will still be calculated as before. If the match venue alternates between the home team and the away team. All bets will be void.

If the match is postponed due to force majeure such as natural disasters, earthquakes, floods… bets will also be canceled. The bookmaker is responsible for returning the player’s bet to his or her betting account.

All bets will be settled on the final result declared by the relevant governing body in relation to the relevant event or competition.


Above is a summary as well as W88 Cricket betting tips for beginners. Want to learn and prepare to bet on this interesting sport. It can be said that cricket is a sport that has an increasing influence on the international gambling world. If you don’t want to miss these bets, Register an account to participate now. Huge incentives and bonuses are waiting for you in this exciting betting round. Good luck and don’t forget to follow W88 channel for more useful updates on how to play cricket betting.

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