What is American rugby betting? Instructions for betting on American rugby at W88

What is American rugby betting? – Rugby is currently not popular in Vietnam. But it is an original game in America. Because it is a popular game at many educational levels. It can be said that rugby is as popular in America as soccer. With the hope that Vietnamese people will have access to this interesting sport. So bookmakers seem to be gradually placing bets on rugby. Please read the following American rugby betting article and see American football betting instructions at W88.

What is rugby?

Rugby originated in the United States. It is also known as American ball. However, this game is completely different from the usual football games you know. Nowadays people no longer care about when these types of balls appeared. Just know that in the US and Canada this is a very popular sport, favored by many educational levels.

If you are lucky enough to become a rugby player during your school days. You’ll get college-level perks. Some high schools and universities in the US will directly recruit students to become members of their rugby teams. Therefore, from an early age, students in the United States and Canada try to become rugby players.

This is a traditional game imbued with their national identity. Even though you play rugby, you are very susceptible to injury. But the American spirit for the game has never been lost.

American rugby betting

American rugby betting is a type of sports betting related to the sport of rugby. Initially, rugby betting only appeared in the US and Canada. However, according to the needs of sports betting enthusiasts around the world. American rugby betting appears in many countries. The bookmaker has developed a form of rugby betting equivalent to w88’s online soccer betting.

Thanks to that, betting enthusiasts can challenge and experience their own judgment through a new sport. Although new, it is no less interesting and attractive than other types of betting. These will be the newest and most interesting experiences for those who are starting to feel bored with football and basketball betting.

American rugby betting

American rugby betting rules

American rugby betting also depends on the basic rules of the game. So if you want to bet on this game effectively. The first thing is to understand the rules of rugby.

Each rugby match is played by two teams: an attacking team and a defensive team.

The attacking team has 4 main playing styles. Every time a foul is committed, one must find a way to return the ball to the opponent’s court. Every time you step into the opponent’s field, you need to make sure you go 10 yards. Each yard must be 0.91 m. If after 4 attacks, a team does not go 10 yards, they must pass the ball to the opponent. This means that the team receiving the ball becomes the attacking team.

When changing attacking teams All players of this team must go out. By replacing 11 offensive players and the attacking team, after passing the ball, will go onto the field and exchange for 11 defensive players.

In case the attacking team advances 10 yards, they will receive 4 more hits. If the attacking team brings the ball to the starting line, it will score 6 points.

After getting 7 points for reaching the goal and 3 goals, the rules of the game change. The ball will now be passed to the defending team to change the offensive line.

So just knowing the rules of rugby as mentioned will help you a lot in betting on American football.

Instructions for betting on American rugby at W88

To participate in American frugby betting with bookmaker W88, you just need to follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Log in to W88

Access W88 according to the link above -> Select Login/ if you do not have an account. Choose to register for a w88 account and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Join rugby

Select sport -> Select a-Sports/eSports -> Scroll down to the bottom right and select Soccer.

Step 3: Proceed to place your bet.

Select the match -> Choose odds -> Choose bet type -> Place bet and wait for the results.

American rugby betting experience

American rugby betting is still new in the Vietnamese betting market. Therefore, you will easily lose your bet. If you want to win, you have to practice and learn a lot of experience. The tips below will help you a lot in the process of predicting and betting on football.

  • Learn about the rules of rugby.
  • Learn about the team
  • Effective financial management
  • Mental stability


Information about the American rugby betting sport in the article at W88 . We also suggest extremely attractive and interesting ways to bet on rugby. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this new form of gambling. Hurry to bookmaker W88, we are waiting for you with other attractive bets. 

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