Why do you always lose when you play Sic Bo online? How to win in Sic Bo

Why do you always lose when you play Sic Bo online? You are a failure and will always fail. And wonder if every time you participate, will you lose? Bookmaker W88 immediately surveyed the majority of people who failed in this game. Please refer to and learn valuable lessons for yourself and find ways to change to be more successful .

Why do you always lose when you play Sic Bo online? never win

With “red and black blood” always existing in each of us. Before entering the game Everyone wants to earn the right amount of money. You play Sic Bo and always lose and never win. So why do you lose when you play Sic Bo online ? That’s traditional Sic Bo. But online dice is showing a different reality. We will explain why you always lose when playing Sic Bo online ? From a common perspective You can find common experiences with both types.

Below are actual shares from people who have participated in casinos in Cambodia and other online Sic Bo betting sites. Please follow and see!

Why do you always lose when you play Sic Bo online? never win

Psychological factors

Psychological factors play an important role in leading to losses when betting. In gambling, players often face many psychological pressures and stressful situations. This can significantly influence their decisions. 

One of the most important psychological factors that makes you lose when playing Sic Bo online. When participating in over/under betting, players often encounter the desire to win big and quickly. This can lead to them betting thoughtlessly or excessively, without following any particular strategy. The desire to make quick money can cause them to lose the ability to properly assess the level of risk and the probability of winning.

Emotions also play an important role in the decision-making process when betting. When the match takes place, nervousness, anxiety or excitement can cause players to lose the ability to concentrate and make illogical decisions, which is why playing Sic Bo online is always a loss . They can get carried away by their emotions and place bets based on their current mental state instead of based on information and careful analysis.

In addition, the pressure from pursuing profits can also create psychological instability. Players can become overly emotional when experiencing repeated failures, leading them to place bets impulsively or to hastily try to “recoup” lost money.

Without a specific plan and without the patience to wait for the right moment, players can easily lose control and place bets without calculation.

Choose a less reputable house

Choosing a less reputable house is the reason why you always lose when playing Sic Bo online

When choosing a less reputable bookmaker to bet on Sic Bo, you are putting yourself in a risky situation and may encounter many unforeseen problems. This can lead to you losing money in an unfair and non-transparent way.

When choosing a less reputable bookmaker, you will face risks regarding the transparency of the betting process. There may be cases where the house interferes with the results or even cheats to gain profits for themselves. This affects your betting experience and leads to distrust in this form of entertainment.

Less reputable bookmakers often have unclear rules and terms, causing difficulties for players. This can lead to misunderstandings and disputes about betting results, causing you to lose the opportunity to profit from participating in Sic Bo betting.

Choosing a less reputable bookmaker can also affect the fairness of your chances of winning. Untransparent odds and rules at bookmakers can prevent you from having a fair chance to compete with other players, leading to unfair losses.

Therefore, choosing a reputable and reputable bookmaker is extremely important. You should carefully learn about the reputation, history of operations as well as reviews from the player community before deciding to bet on Sic Bo at any bookmaker. This will help you avoid unnecessary risks and enjoy the safest and fairest betting experience.

SUMMARY: Why do you always lose when playing Sic Bo online?

Lack of Tactics and Strategic Depth

Some players do not apply careful tactics and do not have a strategic plan when playing. They may place bets randomly without considering technique or learning from previous wins and losses.

Poor Budget Management

Poor financial management can lead to loss of control over betting levels and large financial losses.

Play Based on Emotions

Losing emotional control, such as wanting to “catch up” after a loss, can lead to a decision to lose and increase the likelihood of losing money.

No Control Over Play Time

Playing for too long can lead to fatigue and impaired concentration, thereby increasing the likelihood of making poor decisions.

Not Understanding the Rules of the Game

Not understanding the game rules and types of bets can also be a reason why players fail.


Hopefully in the article ” Why do you always lose when playing Sic Bo online ?” Every player knows the mistakes he makes and can correct them. Remember why you always lose when playing Sic Bo and you will succeed. Good luck!

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