What types of bets should not be bet on? 

What types of bets should not be bet on in soccer betting determines which bets players will place and will definitely lose more than they win. With this type of bet, the house always gets the biggest profit. Online soccer bettors are very careful when choosing bets. Players must always be careful in deciding to bet. Don’t bet. Which bet, how much to bet, etc. Let W88 share what ensures absolute safety through the following article .

It is important to consider what types of bets should not be bet on

What types of bets should you not be bet on ? These are scam virtual bets?

The odds offered by the bookmaker are placed correctly. Do not deceive players. But this case is considered a hard-to-win soccer bet because it is very difficult to win and the winning rate is very low.

Consider whichbet you should not bet on because:

  • Distinguish between bad bets and fraudulent virtual bets.
  • Find good odds to bet and potentially make high profits.
  • Don’t lose money quickly and keep your capital safe.
  • Avoid seeing high chances of winning money and jumping in despite losses.
It is important to consider what types of bets should not be bet on

What types of bets should you be not bet on? 

There are many interesting bets for you to experience. But there are also bets that you know and have not experienced. Those are the types of bets you should never bet.

Always avoid betting on the first table

What types of bets should not be bet on are first goal bets. You must understand that finding the first scorer is very difficult when there are a maximum of 22 official players and 6 substitutes on the field.

Most people who play this type of betting lose with a win rate of only 0.5%, which is one of the reasons why soccer betting is not a good idea.

The goal is over

This match was dramatic until the very end, there were some poor plays throughout the match. The last goal is also a difficult bet and has a big payout if it wins.

However, the same is true for first goal bets. This type of bet is also the answer if asked what type of soccer bet you should not bet on. Whoever puts money in will definitely lose and the chance of winning is very small.

Therefore, refuse this type of bet to focus on other types of bets that are safer and easier to make money.

What types of bets should you not be bet on? Bet on the first throw-in

The first throw bet is one of the complicated bets that we have included in our bet list to avoid attracting everyone’s attention. Because this type of bet requires you to accurately predict the first team to throw the ball into play.

What types of bets should you not be bet on? Score bet 

One type of bet that should not be played is betting on a certain number of points. Although the reward for this bet is very high, the chance of winning is inversely proportional. A goal change will cause you to lose your entire bet.

Unreasonable odds

There are many people who do not care about the quality of the house. But they only care about the level of betting. Therefore, many people bet with unreliable bookmakers.

Unreasonable odds are a sure sign that this is the type of bet you should not bet on.

Therefore, you need to update your reputable soccer betting website. Do not join bookmakers that are not reputable or are involved in fraud.

What types of bets should you not be bet on? Bet 

The dealer will trap players when making this bet. It is based on greed and the desire to achieve a high win rate. One situation that gives you an idea of ​​common bets that you should not bet on is when the bookmaker changes the bets constantly. When players rush into this bet, they will lose money.

Participants in reputable soccer betting sites need to note that this is different from when they have time to research before entering the match. Bookies play with the right mindset. When the player is tempted and is not alert. They will make unwise decisions and bets.

Bet on both teams to score.

Not all bookmakers offer this type of bet and this is one name that has made it to the list of bet types that should not be bet. Earning money at this rate requires careful analysis and is not suitable for beginners.

Therefore, it is not surprising that experts advise players not to bet on this ratio if they are new to the game.


In addition to determining which bets they also have an advantage when participating. Bettors also need to clearly determine What types of bets should not be bet on to avoid. Of course, no one has learned every type of betting should be avoided. From the above article What types of bets should not be bet on? We want to introduce you to such ways of betting so you can have fun. Make a lot of money and don’t get scammed by unreliable bookmakers.

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