What is the 4/4.5 handicap? Tip Handicap bets always win

What is the 4/4.5 handicap?The 4/4.5 handicap is a soccer bet at W88 based on the total number of goals scored by 02 teams. If there are 5 balls, Over wins, Under loses. If 3 balls are correct then under loses and over wins. Football is inherently an attractive and wonderful sport. Soccer betting is becoming a hot topic, attracting a large number of bettors to participate. To help you bet with peace of mind. W88 will explain the concept of 4/4.5 Handicap and other useful information. Please follow the issues related to the 4/4.5 handicap below.

What is the 4/4.5 handicap?

What is the 4/4.5 handicap? is a question that every bettor is interested in. In Over/Under 4/4.5 betting, you are allowed to bet Under or Over to predict the final score of the match. This type of bet only includes wins or losses, no draws. Therefore, players must clearly understand how to calculate winning and losing in betting.

What is the 4/4.5 handicap?

What is a simple and easy to understand way to read the 4/4.5 handicap?

For veteran gamblers, what is the 4/4.5 handicap and how to read it is certainly not difficult. However, for new players, how to calculate odds and how to read them can be a bit unclear. If you are one of them, please see how to read W88 odds shared below!

If the match ends with a total of > 5 goals or more, the player who bet High will win. They will receive their principal back plus the bonus amount according to the commitment rate. On the contrary, anyone who bets under will lose the bet and lose the entire initial bet capital.

If the match ends with Total Goals = 4: Whoever bets Over will lose half of the bet. Those who bet under will win and will receive half of their bet.

If the match ends with total goals <=3: The player who bets on Over will lose and lose all money. On the contrary, the under bettor will win and receive additional bonuses according to the agreed rate.

For this 4/4.5 Over/Under bet, when participating, the Bonus you receive is calculated as follows:

Bonus = bet amount x bonus rate

For example: you bet Over/Under 4/4.5 $100, the house’s winning rate is 1.89%. If you win, the winning amount is: 100 x1.89 = 189 USD.

What is the experience of playing 100% win with 4/4.5 handicap?

What is the 4/4.5 handicap? In soccer betting, the Over/Under ratio is considered easy to win. So there are a lot of players involved. However, not everyone can make money from this betting. If you intend to participate, please note some of the following experiences:

Learn carefully about the strengths of both teams.

If you want to bet on any match, of course you need to know information about both teams such as:

  • What is the relationship between the two teams like? Is it the same or is there a small difference or a big difference?
  • Current performance of each player and each team
  • Who will be the official starting lineup of the competition?
  • The match will take place on neutral ground away or home
  • Weather conditions and player injuries must also be taken into account.

Be confident when betting Over

What is the 4/4.5 handicap ? According to expert analysis, this type of bet is often used in national championships. The difference in the relationship between the two teams is quite large. Therefore, the number of goals scored is not small. Therefore, betting over has a high chance of winning.

Allocate betting capital appropriately

This is an important lesson for all bets. It’s not just football betting. For new and inexperienced players, you should bet a small amount of money and divide your betting capital into several plays. This allows you to reduce betting pressure and reduce capital risk.

Don’t bet with the crowd.

Before placing money, you should calmly analyze your opponents. Don’t lose your temper and lack understanding and bet with others, you will lose a lot. When betting on numbers, the risk of losing is always higher than winning.


Hopefully from the above sharing you will understand what a 4/4.5 handicap bet is and how to read the handicap. Wishing everyone a happy gambling experience. Always be a brave player. And know when to stop, whether you win or lose.

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