What is the 1.75 Sic Bo bet? How to read 1.3/4 Sic Bo bets 100% accurate

What is the 1.75 Sic Bo bet? Sic Bo Bet is based on the total number of goals scored by both teams. If the number of goals is more than 2 then Over wins, Under less than 2 wins. If equal to 2, Over wins half, Under loses half. So what is the 1.75 Sic Bo bet? These 1.75 bets are usually settled on individual innings rather than the total number of matches. To better understand how to read the 1.75 Sic Bo odds? Please follow the article below with us at W88!

What is the 1.75 Sic Bo bet?

What is the 1.75 Sic Bo bet?? Bookmakers call it 1.3/4 Sic Bo and is read as Sic Bo Odds. Over and Under are calculated based on the total number of goals scored by both teams based on the milestones set by the bookmaker.

The result will fall into one of three cases:

  • If total goals > 2 goals: Over wins, and under loses
  • If Total Goals < 2: Under bet wins and Over bet loses.
  • If match result = 2 results: Over bet wins half. Unders lose half.
What is 1.75 Sic Bo bet?

How to read the 1.75 Sic Bo bets?

To help players better understand how to read 1.75 Sic Bo odds? when you bet on soccer matches. Then we will give you a specific example through the match between Racing Santander and Tenerife at HappyLuke Bookmaker.

Looking at the picture, we can see that the house is offering an 1.75 Sic Bo price of 2 teams with different bonus rates. If you bet on Racing Santander team 100,000 VND, the football match result will be as follows:

If Total Goals > 2: Over bet wins with odds 1.85 x 100,000 = 185,000 VND, Low will lose.

If Total Goals <2: Bet on xiao win everything with bonus 1.95 x 100,000 VND = 195,000 VND. The high side lost all their money.

If the result is 2 goals, the over gets half the money. And the under will lose half of the bet.

What is the way to bet on the 1.75 Sic Bo? 

Sic Bo betting is a relatively simple calculation in soccer betting. Just take the time to learn and you can “master” this type of betting. After understanding what the 1.75 Sic Bo bet is , we will guide you how to bet with the bookmaker. 

Step 1: Log in to W88 and select sports lobby.

Before betting on W88 you need to have a home account. It is very easy. Just 02 steps to register on W88. You can join the product here.

Visit the official link we provided above and do the following:

Go to LOGIN and provide the account information you previously registered with.

Choose a sport to bet on Sic Bo 1.75 

Step 2: Choose the 1.75 Sic Bo and bet on one team.

At W88, in addition to football, there are also other games such as cricket, baseball, basketball… that you can freely choose. W88 is known as the only European bookmaker currently operating in the domestic market. Using advanced technology, W88 always updates the latest information about tournaments in many majors.

Next, in step 2, you will need to do the following to place a bet:

Choose football from 26 W88 sports

Choose odds of 1.75 for the team to bet on.

Step 3: Fill in information

What is the experience of the 1.75 Sic Bo bet? To Win Millions Every Day

To gain experience What is the 1.75 Sic Bo Odds? It is not normal that many people will get rich from this type of football betting. Almost everyone who has been betting for a long time has their own secret. Below are 05 betting experiences when playing 1.75 Sic Bo compiled by veteran bettors to help you win millions every day.

Firstly. Play one round at a time.

The 1.75 Sic Bo bet is a difficult bet. In all major competitions exact probability will be more difficult. With the competition, it is easier to evaluate the total number of goals scored in the second half. Makes it easier for you to win

Team analysis.

Before betting on any team You need to take time to analyze the lineup of both sides. Playing tactics and the list of players on the field, the chance of winning when betting will be higher than “guessing too much or guessing too little”.

Choose Over to increase your winning rate.

As we explained above about this 1.75 bet. You can see that the win rate when betting OVER will be higher than the win rate when betting Under. So if you find it difficult to analyze the competition. You can choose Over to increase your chances of winning.

Make financially sound bets.

Beginners often like to devote themselves to their favorite matches or teams. But in football, every situation can happen, so you have to balance your finances to be able to play for a long time.

Be confident in your choice.

Ticket prices will vary depending on the number of players. This also causes confusion. At this time, you should only observe the results after completing your bet slip. To avoid being influenced by crowd psychology


Above is all the information on how to bet on the 1.75 Sic Bo bet, what isand experience summarized by w88. Hopefully this article will help you be more confident when choosing to bet. Good luck!

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