What is statistical probability in Baccarat? How to calculate and why is it important?

What is statistical probability in Baccarat? Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world, attracting the attention of many players. However, to be able to win in this game, it is not simply about luck but also about knowledge of statistical probability in Baccarat. We will learn with W88 about how to calculate statistical probability in Baccarat and why it is important to players.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that was developed in Italy in the 15th century and has spread throughout Europe. Currently, Baccarat is considered one of the most premium casino games and is loved for its simplicity and appeal.

In the game Baccarat, players bet on either: Player, Banker, Tie. The dealer will then distribute two cards to the player and the bank. The person whose total score is closest to the number 9 will be the winner.

How to calculate statistical probability in Baccarat

To calculate statistical probability in Baccarat, we need to know basic concepts such as winning rate, betting odds and payout rate.

How to calculate statistical probability in Baccarat

Winning rate 

Winning rate is the ratio between the number of wins and the number of losses in a game. In Baccarat, the player’s winning rate is 44.62%, the banker’s winning rate is 45.85%, and the tie rate is 9.53%.


Odds are the ratio between the bet amount and the amount received if you win. In Baccarat, the player odds are 1:1, the banker odds are 19:20 and the tie odds are 8:1.

Compensation rate 

The payout rate is the ratio between the amount received and the amount bet. In Baccarat, the player payout ratio is 1:1, the banker payout ratio is 0.95:1 and the tie payout ratio is 8:1.

With these basic concepts, we can calculate statistical probability in Baccarat based on the following formula:

Probability of winning = Odds of winning Odds Paying odds

Why is statistical probability in Baccarat important?

Statistical probability is an important factor in evaluating a player’s ability to win in Baccarat. If you have knowledge of statistical probability, you will be able to calculate your odds of winning and make appropriate betting decisions.

In addition, understanding statistical probability also helps you avoid wrong strategies and ensure you do not lose money when playing Baccarat.

Basic concepts of statistical probability in Baccarat

Independent events and dependent events

In Baccarat, each game is an independent event, meaning that the result of the previous game does not affect the outcome of the next game. However, independent events only apply when the player and the bank bet on the same selection. If the player and the banker bet on two different selections, then this event will be a dependent event.

Law of normal distribution

The law of normal distribution is a law in statistical probability that states that the larger the number of samples, the closer the result will be to the mean. In Baccarat, this means that the more hands you play, the closer your winning rate will be to the game’s average winning rate.

Standard curve 

A normal curve is a curve in a statistical probability graph, representing the distribution of values ​​around the mean. In Baccarat, the standard curve can be applied to calculate the winning probability of the player and the banker.

Factors affecting statistical probability in Baccarat

Number of decks 

The number of decks in Baccarat can affect a player’s statistical probability. With a larger number of decks, the player’s winning rate will be closer to the bank’s winning rate.

Rules for drawing additional cards 

The extra card draw rule is a rule in Baccarat, allowing the player or the bank to draw an additional card if the total score of the first two cards is 0-5. This rule can affect the winning probability of the player and the banker.

The bookmaker’s payout rate 

The house’s payout rate is the ratio between the amount received and the amount bet. In Baccarat, the house edge is 5%, this means that if you bet on the bank and win, you will have to pay the house 5% of the winnings.


Above is basic information about statistical probability in Baccarat . Understanding statistical probability in Baccarat will help you calculate and make accurate betting decisions. Increase your chances of winning in this game. However, you should not trust too much in statistical probability and ignore the element of luck in this game. Wishing you luck and success in conquering Baccarat!

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