What is 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet? How to play 1/4 Sic Bo bet effectively

What is 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet? This bet is very popular on online betting odds tables. It not only brings simple gameplay. But the matches that this house uses are still very fair and relatively equal in strength. However, for new players, this form of betting is still quite new and causes a lot of confusion. The most standard betting experience today? Let’s learn more about 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet in the W88 article below.

What is 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet?

What is 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet? Bet 0-0.5 stands for Sic Bo 1/4 or 0.25 which is popular with many football betting enthusiasts today. This type of bet only appears when the home team estimates that the strength of the two teams is relatively equal or creates equal excitement in the main tournament.

With this type of bet, the team considered to have the highest handicap will accept the handicap team under a certain number of goals and this ratio is 0.25, also known as the half-ball handicap.

Currently on the bookmaker’s odds table, the appearance of odds of 0-0.5 has become extremely common. Because in matches of equal strength, cheating or trap situations are unlikely to occur, plus the player’s judgment will be relatively more accurate. Furthermore, the odds offered are 0-0.5 which is very attractive. It has made many players fascinated and attached for a long time.

What is 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet?

What is 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet rule?

The 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet is actually a bet 0.25, so its principle partly depends on the final results of the upper and lower handicap teams. The details are as follows:

If the upper team wins the lower team with a difference of 1 goal or more with the following scores: 1-0, 2-1, 2-0, 3-1,… then the person who bet on the higher team will win the entire score. money. The player who bets lower will lose the entire amount.

If the highest betting team draws with the lower betting team. The player who bets lower will receive half the amount. Those who bet higher will lose half of their money.

If the underdog wins against the overbet team by any score. The loser receives a proportional amount. Players who bet above will lose all their money.

General situation

In the match took place between two teams Vietnam and Thailand. With the Thailand vs Vietnam handicap remaining at 0.25, the odds remain the same: Vietnam 2.0, Thailand 1.5. If the player bets 50,000 VND, the results will be as follows:

If Thailand wins against Vietnam with a score of 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 2-0,… The player who bets on Thailand will win the total amount: 1.5 x 50,000 = 75,000 VND The player who bets Betting on Vietnam will lose money. 50,000 VND

If Thailand draws with Vietnam, players who bet on Vietnam will win half the amount: 1/2x 50 x 2.0 = 50,000 VND. Players who bet on Thailand will lose half the amount: 50/2 = 25,000 VND.

If Vietnam wins against Thailand with a score of 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 2-0,… The player who bets on Vietnam will win the total amount: 2.0 x 50,000 = 100,000 VND The player who bets Betting on Thailand will lose money. 50,000 VND.

What is the experience of playing 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet ?

The ratio 0-0.5 is quite easy to play for most new players today. However, to increase your chances of winning when participating in this bet. Players must have an extremely standard experience shared by the following experts:

Pay attention to your handicap selection when playing at home.

If in case of bet 0-0.5 appears the team with higher odds plays at home. Then players should prioritize betting based on the above odds. Because home field is considered the biggest advantage in playing football.

With home field advantage, the top teams have a much higher win rate than the teams ranked below.

Analyze competitive data

For most bets today, it’s not just about bets 0-0.5. The first thing players need to do is collect and find out the necessary information about the match.

This usually includes: stadium, player list, encounter history, winning rate, results, etc. This helps players get an overall picture of the strength of the two teams. From there, make more accurate and reasonable betting decisions.

Focus on strong attacking teams

This is the experience of playing 0-0.5 odds that not everyone knows. In case both teams play on a neutral field, what players need to pay attention to is the attack style of both teams. The winning rate that the team brings is higher. At this time, players take advantage of betting on teams with strong attacks to increase their chances of winning.


What is the information on 0-0.5 Sic Bo bet? We bring everyone the most standard betting experience today. Helps players gain more useful knowledge on how to conquer the full prize fund in attractive tournaments.

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