Learn about the extremely hot w88 online Sic Bo shaking game

W88 online Sic Bo shaking game – The online Sic Bo shaking game is one of the indispensable playgrounds for bettors. Coming to this lobby, you will not only enjoy relaxing moments. In addition, you can also receive huge amounts of money when you win big. Therefore, this name w88 Sic Bo is more and more loved by everyone. So what are its features that attract players? Let’s see with W88 .

What is the online Sic Bo shaking game?

First, let’s see what the online Sic Bo shaking game is? In fact, it is a game originating from China. In addition to being called Sic bo, they are also referred to by the term sic bo. At the match there will be 3 dice, each of which will have 6 sides.

Currently, this game has become very popular. Possessing simple gameplay, even if you are a newbie, you still have a chance to win. Compared to the traditional type, online Sic Bo shaking games have more or less many differences:

  • There are only two ways to bet.
  • You can choose your desired bet level.
  • The images of the Sic Bo shaking game are quite realistic, and there is also very lively sound.
  • When you come to W88, you can try this game.
W88 Online Sic Bo shaking game

Specific instructions on how to play W88 Sic Bo shaking game

To become a member of bookmaker W88 is quite simple. With just a few steps, you can play the online Sic Bo shaking game .

Step 1: Enter the system

The first step is that players need to choose a reputable link to click on. Because this house is so famous, there will be many fake websites. Please consider and consider carefully. 

Step 2: Enter the game

Once you have entered the system, now select the registration line. Then, enter all the data required by the dealer. Continue to log in again. Select the item you want to search for. However, to be able to bet, you must deposit money into your account first. There is a special thing here that bettors can try before entering the game. 

The most accurate rules for playing online Sic Bo shaking game

To be able to play the online Sic Bo shaking game effectively, players should not forget to learn the rules.

Bet on Sic Bo

This type of bet is probably the easiest type in this playground. If you think that the total number of the dice is between 11 and 17. Now you choose Over and Under will be from 4 to 10.

If the player guesses correctly, they will bet at a rate of 1:1. However, if you bet wrongly, you will lose the entire amount you initially bet. According to the rules of Sic Bo, placing identical pairs is also possible. You have the right to place any duo you think is suitable. In a situation where the rolled result is up to a triple, the bets on the identical pair lose.

Total betting

The total betting style in the online Sic Bo game is also quite popular. For this type, you will place the total from 4 to 17. Because when placing from 3 to 18, it is in the result of 3 identical sets. The rules of playing Sic Bo are not too difficult. As long as you pay a little attention, you can easily grasp everything.

Tips for playing Sic Bo to win every game

To help you increase your winning rate. We would like to take a look at the following good tips.

Remember the results

Playing over/under using memorization is quite the optimal method. When you maintain a stable state, saving match data is not difficult. Thanks to this, players can get the most thorough analysis. From there, make appropriate comments and predictions for the next betting match. As you can see, players who have good memory use this type. The guy part often appears very close.

Maintain your mentality

Psychology is an important issue to bring you bonuses. Usually when you have positive thoughts, it will be easy to come up with a good strategy. On the contrary, if you lose your temper, things will get worse and worse.

To avoid feelings of fear, the best way is to take winning lightly. Consider this a playground for experience and entertainment, don’t put too much emphasis on the stakes. It will make you stressed and mentally depressed.

Hit quickly

Another trick about playing online Sic Bo shaking games that we want to mention is double betting. In the first game, make a small bet. In the next games, you can spend more heavily by betting twice as much as the previous game.

A simple example for you to understand better is: For example, in the first game, you bet 20, then the next game will be 40. In the third game, it will be 80,… If you lose in the peach game, the player should return. from the beginning. However, at this time you should only bet 10 only.

A few questions about playing Sic Bo online

Surely when participating in the online Sic Bo game at W88, players must also have many concerns. Let’s take a look at the two questions below.

Why does online Sic Bo shaking game attract many players?

Honestly, this game was released a long time ago. However, until now it still has a place in the market. This also helps you implicitly understand that the above Sic Bo playground has countless special features. From interface, color, sound to payment service. Everything is very neat and stable.

Is there a lot of capital to play Sic Bo at W88?

Actually playing at W88 doesn’t have many regulations. Depending on your own economic conditions, you can adjust them. Each match or each playground will depend on the purpose so you can spend the appropriate amount of money.


Above is the data that we want to bring for your reference. Hopefully, you will understand more about the online Sic Bo shaking game . Also, get good playing tips to be able to experience this playground at W88. If you have any concerns, please inbox me.

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