W88 will guide you how to play virtual FOOTBALL in the easiest way 

W88 introduces you to the easiest way to play virtual football to win. Virtual FOOTBALL is an online game chosen and loved by many people. Above all, playing virtual football easily and winning is also a point that many players are interested in and learn about. Because even though it’s easy, not everyone knows how to win. In the following article, W88 will help you have the most successful playing experience

Find out what virtual FOOTBALL is?

Before learning how to easily play virtual FOOTBALL, let’s learn about this game first. This is an online game created using computer software and the results are also randomly selected. The rules of virtual football are also different from traditional football.

Each virtual soccer half lasts only 3 minutes and has a maximum of 4 goals. The bookmaker will offer many bet levels with different odds. You will have 1 minute to bet on the match. There will be 4-6 dangerous situations for both teams. Because if there are 4 goals in the first half, the match will end quickly.

You don’t need to worry too much about locking matches. All bets are pre-programmed by the house. No need to wait for players to join. The house also has the right to choose a strong or weak team. They distribute the odds evenly, i.e. over/under. Corner kick odds First half odds… And players can place many types of bets with the easiest winning odds.

Find out what virtual FOOTBALL is?

How is virtual FOOTBALL different from traditional FOOTBALL?

Compared to traditional FOOTBALL, virtual FOOTBALL also has some differences, specifically:

In a virtual soccer match, the maximum number of goals is set at 4. Traditional soccer does not limit the number of goals and losses for both teams. This makes your experience more engaging than ever.

In real football competitions, you must have a lot of experience. For example, understanding the style, traditions, and strengths of each team. But for virtual football, this is not necessary. But you also need to know how to read the odds to determine the score frame for each match.

Each virtual football match usually takes place in a very short time. Therefore, you will not get the same emotional high as when watching a live match. Feelings of anxiety, tension or suffocation rarely occur.

How to play virtual FOOTBALL easily and win at W88

Although this is just a virtual sport. But if you want to win W88 Virtual FOOTBALL Betting , you must know how to play. Then you can be sure that your money is as efficient and secure as possible:

Do not bet multiple rounds in a row.

You should not play many matches in a row. Know how to stop and pay careful attention when betting on football. You must maintain your sanity and logic to make the most reasonable choices if you want to make a lot of money. Especially virtual football betting. The ability to keep your mind alert will help you make the most reasonable decisions.

Do not use rigid rules

You should remember that the results will not follow certain rules. Reality has shown that the rules of the game change constantly or depend heavily on competition and the teams competing against each other. Therefore, players should not be stupid and try in vain to figure out the rules.

Specify a fixed match

This easy-to-win way to play virtual football will help you avoid being left empty-handed. Some situations that let you know a match has been fixed include:

Strikers often lose the ball.

  • A player who intentionally commits a foul will be carded.
  • The player receives the ball but intentionally lets his foot lose the ball.
  • The striker chooses to attack from the sidelines or push the ball away and aim for a long shot.

After knowing how to easily win in virtual FOOTBALL . Register with w88 to bet on your favorite virtual football matches and win huge prizes.


The above is a simple method. To play virtual FOOTBALL W88. In general, this is a type of betting that is very suitable for people who do not have much free time.

Because the contest time is very short. You can know the results within minutes and the bonus will be added directly to your account.

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