Betting on VIRTUAL DOG ​​RACING – Attractive Sports Betting at W88

If you are someone who likes to watch speed dog racing but cannot watch it live for objective reasons? No need to worry because VIRTUAL DOG ​​RACING betting is now available on online platforms. Surely you still have questions about this new virtual dog racing betting topic, right? Now let W88 answer and guide you how to play .


With the development of technology 4.0. People who love betting on dog racing do not need to go to the racetrack but can go through online betting platforms provided by bookmakers. Bettors are not dependent on match time but can continue playing whenever they want. Come to bookmaker W88 to bet on W88 VIRTUAL DOG ​​RACING to try out this exciting racing competition.



It is different from watching matches and live betting. Betting on VIRTUAL DOG ​​RACES is not limited by time or space. How to play virtual dog racing game at W88 is very simple and easy to win.

Place bets before each match.

In terms of betting style, VIRTUAL DOG ​​RACING is not much different from real dog racing. Each match will generally still consist of 5 to 9 dogs and will be numbered in order. Before each match, we will provide detailed parameters and information about each dog. That specification includes special identifying features. Coach name and information about the win-loss ratio of the previous match. And finally the odds and probability of the dog winning the bet. That’s for the bettors. Such information is absolutely necessary to be able to predict and choose which dogs are trustworthy to win bets on.

Each tournament will include 12 matches and will be held in arenas with uniform terrain. The “contestants” will compete on a regular basis. 30 minutes is the amount of time the entire match will take. However, there may be cases where the difference is smaller or larger depending on the organizational unit. And if the player stops betting, the Bookie officially closes the bet 10 seconds before the match takes place.

Form of virtual dog racing betting

About how to bet on virtual dog racing Bettors bet based on information about each dog. Virtual dog racing betting includes the following forms of betting:


  • First Place Bet (Win Bet): The bettor bets that his chosen candidate will finish first and win the highest position.
  • Position Bet: Players bet on the position their dog chooses in the race.
  • Winning position bet: This is a type of bet similar to winning position bet. But it will affect the entire tournament.
  • Guess the Top Two: For this bet, as long as the player’s two “candidates” are both in the top spot. The player wins the bet. This includes cases where the selected dog finishes first or second.
  • Predicting the first three places: Quite similar to the First 2 Places Bet, with the First 3 Places Bet, the bettor bets on any three dogs in the first, second and third positions. In other words, you can easily win your bet. If the three dogs you choose are first, second and third, not necessarily in that order.

Experience virtual dog racing betting to easily win prizes.

Understanding the game rules and how to play will help you understand the pros and cons of each betting decision you make. You need to carefully learn information about your opponents to bet accurately.

A riskier method is to bet on certain dogs. But this virtual dog racing experience is very risky. And the last thing is that you should always choose to bet on the dog with the highest odds of winning. Don’t be greedy with high odds. And take risks when making difficult bets.


No need to scramble to a remote location to bet on dog racing. Because now there are VIRTUAL DOG ​​RACING that will help you satisfy your hobby of watching dog racing and betting. Above is information about virtual dog racing and how to play virtual dog racing introduced by W88 in the hope that it can help you.

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