What is the over/under 4/4.5 bet? Read the over/under 4/4.5 betting odds accurately with W88

As football grows, people around the world are looking for ways to read over and under to play football betting. There are many ways to read Over/Under odds. Including the format over/under 4 4.5. So what is the over/under 4/4.5 bet? If anyone still doesn’t know, click here and W88 will answer you what the over/under 4/4.5 bet is!

Find out what the over/under 4/4.5 bet is?

What is the over/under 4/4.5 bet? Over/Under 4/4.5 is a type of betting that often appears in top soccer tournaments such as Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain) and Bundesliga (Germany). This type of bet is extremely popular in bookmaker W88. And is often used when two teams have significant differences in style and level of play.

In the case of betting Over/Under 4 4.5, the amount the player wins or loses is equal to 1/2 of the original bet amount. This type of bet is similar to other Over/Under bets such as 0.5 – 1, 1.5 – 2 or 2.5 – 3.

Find out what the over/under 4/4.5 bet is?

How to Read Over/Under 4/4.5 Odds What is it?

To know what the over/under 4/4.5 bet is? Players need to learn carefully how this type of bet works. In betting Over/Under 4 4.5 at the bookmaker, the player will have 2 options: Over or Under to predict the final score of the match. In this type of bet there is no possibility of a tie. There are only two results: win or lose, so players must clearly understand how to calculate wins and losses when betting. So what is the over/under 4/4.5 bet? Let’s see below:

If the final score of the match is greater than 4.5 goals (5 goals or more). The player who bets Over will win and will be refunded the original amount plus the bonus amount. On the contrary, those who bet under will lose and will also lose the entire initial bet amount.

If the final score of the match is exactly 4 goals, the player who bets under will win. And will receive a bonus amount from the house worth the bonus according to the original amount. Players who place large bets will accept losing half of their bet amount.

The total number of goals in the match is less than or equal to 3 goals: The player who bets on Over will lose and lose the entire bet amount. Those who bet under will win and receive additional bonuses at a pre-agreed rate.

Is there any secret to reading Over/Under odds? What is the secret to playing over/under 4/4.5?

The Over/Under odds in soccer betting at W88 are always favored by many people because it is easy and quick to win. But relying on just a little bit of experience doesn’t yield great odds of winning. To make money playing Over/Under 4 4.5, I will share some simple tips for you to know more about the experience of playing Over/Under 4/4.5:

Carefully study the team

Before placing a bet Main information about the two participating teams includes: Strength between the two teams. Current form of each team and key players Starting lineup, location, weather,. ..

Priority for Over Betting

Over/Under 4/4.5 is often applied to matches with a clear difference between the two teams. Therefore, betting on Over usually has a higher chance of winning.

Managing betting capital

For new players Start with a small amount and divide your betting capital into different bets. This relieves pressure and reduces the risk of losing capital.

Why should you choose bookmaker W88 to play betting? 

Below are some reasons that players can consider when choosing to play Over/Under 4/4.5 at a bookmaker like W88. But be sure to check and confirm the information directly from the bookmaker’s website:

Reliability and Reputation

W88 is one of the reputable bookmakers and known to players. However, it is always important to confirm the reliability and reputation of the bookmaker from a trustworthy source.

Diversity of Bets and Odds

W88 usually offers a wide range of bets and odds, including Over/Under 4/4.5. This diversity brings many opportunities for players to choose and satisfy their betting needs.

Offers and Promotions

Top bookmakers often offer attractive offers and promotions to attract new players and retain old players. Check out what incentives W88 has for players betting Over/Under 4/4.5.

Friendly Interface and Easy to Use

A user-friendly and easy-to-use website or mobile app interface is an advantage. Helps players easily place bets and follow the match.

Customer service

Quality customer service is important, especially when problems arise. W88 can provide full and fast customer support.


Hopefully the above information talks about what the over/under 4/4.5 bet is. Helps bettors have a clearer view of the Over/Under odds. Hope everyone enjoys betting at w88!

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