What is the 3.5 handicap? How to read and play effectively

What is the 3.5 handicap?For experienced soccer bettors, the 3.5 handicap is no longer a strange bet. But for new players, this is still a rather confusing way to bet. The following article W88 will help you understand how to bet on the 3.5 handicap? how to read and give some examples for you to understand easily. Please follow us .

Find out what the 3.5 handicap is?

What is the 3.5 handicap? This type of bet is popular at bookmakers. Players will not have to worry about which team wins or loses. But you just need to focus on the total number of wins that both teams have won.

In Asian Handicap, bet type 3.5 is called handicap, which means that in the match, the home team is determined to have 1 stronger team and 1 weaker team. The strong team (top of the table) will accept the weak team. This type of bet usually appears quite rarely because matches have very different handicaps, the two teams must have very different strengths, so it is difficult to predict.

What is 3.5 handicap?

What is the 3.5 handicap betting experience?

What is the 3.5 handicap betting experience? For 3.5 handicap bets , players should know the following experiences from previous players:

Analyze and clearly understand match data

Bettors must clearly understand information about the tournament they intend to bet on, such as the tournament and which team is the home team. Squad rankings, form, etc. You need to get this information. from a trusted source and must be highly accurate.

Check the odds and choose the appropriate bet level

You should compare bets to know which bet has a higher win rate. After researching and consulting from many sources. If you see that the 3.5 handicap has a higher chance of winning, then choose this bet, but if you see that the matches are too different in all aspects, then you should choose the Handicap bet to win more.

Pay attention to the bookmaker’s odds index and decide to bet.

Before the match, the home team offers odds for betting consideration. Players can check the betting index as it goes up and down. and fluctuations for self-assessment

If you feel still unsure about your choice. You should wait for the match to last about 20 – 30 minutes to better observe the playing style and strength of both teams. Then place your bet.

Always keep calm before trapping the dealer

Bookmakers often have many tricks to confuse bettors and influence their initial predictions and decisions, such as offering attractive bets to attract many online players. That’s why you need to carefully consider the information gamers receive to make the right decision.

 Learn from betting experts 3.5 

Learning from experienced professionals is not always necessary. If it is a new carpet, it is even more necessary to ask for opinions and experience from betting experts. They will help you provide you with extremely useful advice.

What is the top 3.5 handicap betting tip of all time?

The following will give players tips on playing 3.5 handicap to help players win more easily:

If from the beginning a handicap bet of 3.5 is offered and the house only offers a handicap from 0.80 to 0.88, the player should not rush to place a bet but should observe for 3-5 minutes. The odds will then increase to 0.92 to 0.95 or higher and place the bet.

If you haven’t placed a bet yet and the ball explodes quickly, wait a little longer. You should not bet right away before the ball explodes. You should analyze further and wait for the rate to stabilize before placing a bet.

As the match progressed, the score increased compared to the beginning of the match, showing that both teams were generous. The website is afraid of losing money so it increases the bet. At this time, bettors must watch the match progress before deciding to bet.


Above are all the 3.5 handicap suggestions sent to players that the W88 team wants to send to you. The 3.5 handicap appears when there is a large difference between the two teams. But betting is always an unpredictable game of chance. Therefore, before choosing, you should consider whether your decision is correct or not.

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