What is the 1 handicap? How to play and tips for playing 1 draw handicap

What is the 1 handicap? In the current house odds table, the 1-goal handicap often appears. When this handicap appears, you need to clearly understand that the top team loses to the bottom team by 1 goal to better understand what the 1 handicap is? Please read the articles shared by W88 betting experts below .

What is the 1 handicap? What is the 1 draw handicap?

What is the 1 handicap? What is the 1-pick handicap? A handicap of 1 is also a handicap of 1 draw, and is also known as a handicap of 1 left when playing online soccer betting today. We all know that handicaps are created with the purpose of creating balance between two teams. So for the 1-goal handicap, you need to understand: The home team allows the top team to handicap 1 goal against the bottom team. It means the following.

You bet on the top team to make enough money -> that’s when the top team beats the bottom team with a difference of 2 goals.

In case the top team wins the bottom team by only 1 goal -> any team you bet on will receive money back from the home team.

If the first team loses to the lower team or the result is a draw -> you bet on the first team to lose all money and bet on the lower team to win all money.

Likewise, the 1 handicap is a bet. “Win or Lose All” Players participating in this bet will not encounter a situation of half winning and half losing. The only result the player gets is win or lose. Players who want to play handicap 1 must have high determination.

What is the 1 handicap?

What is the home play method for the 1 handicap?

You can only play 1 point if you join the online dealer today. Please do the following:

Odds table 1 Explanation of goal handicap betting

  • Step 1: Members create a betting account at the online bookmaker -> Then you deposit money into the betting account at the bookmaker.
  • Step 2: You choose the sport -> Choose the sport you want to bet on with the soccer bookmaker -> Then choose the match you want to bet on.
  • Step 3: When the player chooses a match. They will see the home scoreboard for that match appear. Depending on the house odds table, you will place a handicap bet of 1.
  • Step 4: When placing a bet, members choose the appropriate odds for the team they want to bet on -> enter the bet amount they want to bet on the match -> then click Confirm to complete the betting process.

The results of players’ bets will be announced when the match ends. If you win the bet, the house will reward you based on the odds they offer. Players have the right to withdraw this amount to their bank account.

What is the experience of betting on the 1 handicap?

For players to understand what is the experience in the 1 handicap betting? To bet effectively, you just need to use the tips recommended by our experts below:

Analyze 2 teams

Which tournaments do players participate in betting on? You also need to evaluate the information of both teams. This way you will know the winning or losing ability of each team. These reviews will help you make the right choice for the 1 Handicap.

To allow handicappers to collect battle-related information for analysis. You cannot ignore notifications like the default location. List of players Competition history, achievements, schedule…

Smart financial management

Players should manage their finances while betting. Not only about the 1 handicap type, but also having financial flexibility in other types of bets. Don’t play too much. If you use a part of the bet when you win, you should also subjectively bet the remaining amount. 

What are the tips shared by experts about the 1 handicap ?

When you research and understand what the 1 handicap is , your chances of winning will be high. Let’s learn more and the experts also found some tips for players to use:

  • Use these tips shared by experts.
  • Choose to bet on your favorite team if this team plays at home. Furthermore, their position is even higher than the teams below.
  • You bet on the favorite team when its attacking players play in their best positions. Especially when the defense of the underdog team plays quite loosely.
  • The situation where the home team plays away from home but still maintains high performance. Although their attack is much stronger than their defense. But you should also bet on the teams mentioned above.
  • If the player has a high position and solid defense, you should bet on this team.


This article is filled with knowledge about what the 1 handicap is that you want to share with your fellow bettors. After reading our article, we hope you will have more knowledge to bet effectively when betting at the house.

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