The easiest way to win when betting Sic bo online at W88

Sic bo online is currently a game appearing in most casinos around the world. What is it about Sic bo that attracts so many participants? This betting game is a familiar and increasingly popular game in the gambling world. Next, let’s watch with W88 and discover what’s interesting about this online Sic bo game .

What is Sic bo?

Are you wondering what Sic bo is ? sic bo may sound strange but it is actually a dice game. The game originated in China and was then imported to other countries to suit each country’s culture. Sic bo has been improved and has an international distinction. In Vietnam, the game is also known as dice rolling or dice rolling. After understanding what Sic bo is, let’s explore how to play Sic bo online. To participate in betting on the game Sic bo Casino often use 3-ball dice or 3-ball dice.

What is Sic bo?

Betting form when choosing to play Sic bo w88

Sic bo game betting bonuses are very high and the way to play Sic bo w88 is also very simple. This is the distinct advantage of Sic bo compared to other games. However, to understand what Sic bo online is, of course you must know how to play dice. You can choose the betting method that best suits you:

What is double betting in Sic bo online?

This is one of the most popular ways to play. As the name suggests, a double bet is a bet on 2 out of 3 dice having the same number of points, for example after the dealer rolls the dice. You bet on a pair of 6s. If the result is that 2 dice have a value of 6, you win.

Of course, if the player guesses the correct value of that pair of dice, he will receive a prize. The winning rate of these types of pair bets is usually from 1 to 6, however with quality and reputable bookmakers like W88, the bet level can range from 1 to 10. Players can choose more than one pair. Bet from pair 1 to pair 6.

Bet three when playing Sic bo online

You cannot ignore the three Sic bo bet. This is an extremely addictive and fun game. You must guess all 3 dice correctly to get the same score. Because it is so difficult, there are two types of Triple Sic bo bets. The most difficult type is to specify three sets from set 1 to set 6. The easier way to play is to bet on any three sets.

Because the difficulty is very different. Therefore, the reward rates are naturally very different. If the sic bo ba bet wins, you will receive 30 times your bet amount, a very large and attractive payout ratio. But especially with treble bets. You can win prizes many times larger. The payout ratio is currently as high as 1 to 180.

Total Sic bo online bet

For those who are looking for answers about what Sic Bo betting is. You should not miss the Sic Bo total bet. Combination betting is the easiest way to play and there are many bet levels for you to choose from. The player must correctly guess the number of all three dice between 4 and 17. Payouts are often different for different totals.

Revealing the experience of playing Sic bo online that is easiest to win at W88

If you already understand everything about Sic bo online. This is the experience of playing dice. Just like other games, if you want to win, you must have a strategy. You don’t need to waste effort researching the best tips for playing Sic bo. Bookmaker W88 is here to share tips to help increase the winning rate for bettors.

Know how to use the 1-3-2-4 strategy.

What is the 1-3-2-4 strategy in Sic bo? This is a form of organized betting. Players just need to bet money at the ratio of 1-3-2-4 whether they win big or lose big. Just keep calm and follow along. This strategy is the best and safest way to collect lots of bonuses. Because the winning rate is divided equally between the rounds and the final profit

Use ranged combat if patient.

When playing remotely The odds of winning are only 1:1, although this is the lowest of the odds as it is not possible to double or triple the bet amount. But on the other hand, Players can maintain their capital without worrying about losing all their money. However, this way of playing Sic bo online requires a lot of patience.

Betting depends on the decision.

Players need to think a little when using this trick. With learning what Sic bo is and a little experience. You will win easily. Understand how to play Sic Bo and analyze to make the most accurate decision.

Things you should know about bookmaker W88

You should have a reputable address to play Sic bo. Bookmaker W88 is one of the addresses most highly rated by bettors today.

Additionally, W88 is a rare place that is legally allowed to operate with a Gaming License. When you go to w88’s homepage, you not only know what Sic bo online is, but also what it is. But also get a fun experience when betting

You should have a reputable address to play Sic bo online. Bookmaker W88 is one of the addresses most highly rated by bettors today.


Above is all the information for Sic bo online. Hope it will help you better understand Sic bo and experience the betting experience in this game. What are you waiting for? Come to W88 to play fun games and win!

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