What is online Sic Bo? Play reputable online Sic Bo at W88

Reputable online Sic Bo at W88Currently there are many interesting types of bets that players can choose from. The house is constantly improving and diversifying its game portfolio. Bringing maximum satisfaction, reputable online dice is one of the most popular subjects. Join us to find out how to play Sic Bo online at bookmaker W88!

What is the online Sic Bo game?

The reputable online Sic Bo game is a popular betting game at online casinos and betting websites. This game originates from Vietnam and quickly became one of the favorite games of players across Southeast Asia. The Sic Bo game combines guessing the results of three rolled dice and flexible betting, creating appeal and fun for players.

When participating in the prestigious online Sic Bo game, players will bet on the results of three dice after each toss. There are a total of 14 different types of bets that players can choose from, from guessing the total score of the three dice, to guessing the outcome of each specific dice. Players can bet at different reward rates depending on the risk level of each type of bet.

One of the special features of reputable online Sic Bo is the diversity and flexibility in betting methods. Players can participate with low or high bets depending on personal preference and budget. At the same time, this game also brings drama and suspense as players wait for the results of rolling the dice.

Reputable online Sic Bo is also offered on many online platforms. From website to mobile application, creating favorable conditions for players to participate anytime, anywhere. This game also often comes with promotions, bonuses and attractive prizes, increasing the appeal for players.

What is online Sic Bo?

Some details about w88 online dice

In addition to the name Tai Xiu, this sport also has another name, sicbo. This is a game originating from ancient China. Maybe you’ve heard this in a historical movie, right? This game has appeared and existed for a long time until now. This Sic Bo game is designed with 3 dice. Each dice for this game has 6 sides. For each draw, the Player must bet on the outcome the dice will show:

The result will be lower if the total number of buttons on all 3 sides of the dice is from 4 to 10.

The result is big if the total number of buttons on all 3 sides of the dice is from 11 to 17.

How to play reputable online over-under betting at W88

After learning an overview of reputable online over/under betting . Below we would like to share with you how to play reputable online Sic Bo betting !

Step 1: Log in to your account on the online bookmaker’s homepage.

Please register to create an account and log in to W88 to participate in this extremely interesting game store. Choose trustworthy access links to stay safe while playing. Select the online casino category on the toolbar. Players can choose Club W Premier Casino or Club W Casino when betting.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate format

For example, if you choose to play at Club W Premier casino, when you choose to play now you will have to choose the type of game screen you want. There are 4 different game modes for players to freely choose from.

Step 3: Choose your favorite Over-Under betting table and betting table.

There are many types of games for you to choose from such as baccarat, blackjack, etc. Choose games with high/low stakes. and a betting table where bets can be placed. Choose a betting limit that suits your finances. If you are new Choose the lowest bet level.

Step 4: Place Bet 

Players bet on the results of three dice before the dealer rolls the dice. You must bet Over or Under first. Each dice has 6 sides numbered from 1 to 6.

Tips for playing simple online Sic Bo at W88

To increase your chances of winning in each game. You need to know some tips to play. This is also true for reputable online over/under betting. Let’s take a look at the tips to play well. Summary from experts

Place bets quickly

Continue betting until you win then stop. Choose over or under to bet. Bet double that amount. If you lost in the previous game, keep going until you win.

Don’t bet widely.

Don’t think that if you bet more you will make more money. When you spread your bets into multiple bets. When you collect You can add a big bet.

Be calm when participating in betting.

A solid mindset when betting is something players always need to create. You will make smart and creative decisions if you have a stable and comfortable mindset.


Above is information about reputable online Sic Bo betting content that we want to share with players. This is a betting sport that is easy to play but no less attractive and interesting. So don’t miss this game. Try betting once to get the best experience. Hope you win the next match!

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