Instructions for online soccer betting using phone scratch cards at W88

The betting market in Vietnam is becoming more vibrant than ever. Among them, the number of people participating in soccer betting is the highest. Therefore, bookmakers operating in the market provide players with a variety of betting forms to satisfy their betting needs. Online soccer betting using phone scratch cards is one of the most popular, fastest, convenient and easy-to-use forms of betting today. Follow the W88 article to learn more about this form!

What is online soccer betting using phone scratch cards?

Surely this is the question of many people when they first join the gambling market in Vietnam

Form of using the value of phone scratch cards to transact and pay bets for football matches that players wish to participate in.

This is a new form of betting that has appeared on the market but is being used by large and famous bookmakers to bring convenience to players.

Betting participants no longer need to use a linked game card or bank card to deposit money into their account. You just need to buy a phone scratch card and load it directly into your account when participating.

What is online soccer betting using phone cards?

Should you choose online soccer betting using phone scratch cards?

Should you bet on soccer online with a phone scratch card or not?. The answer depends on each person. You can certainly choose for yourself the deposit method when betting that is most suitable and convenient for you.

If you choose to bet on soccer online using a phone scratch card , it will bring you many benefits. On the contrary, if you do not choose this form, you can choose other betting types that will not greatly affect your odds.

In addition to the benefits that come from betting with scratch cards, there is still only one drawback. That is, when sending money using this form. Players must pay a certain fee. From a survey of bookmakers, the current maximum deposit fee that players must pay is 30% of the deposit card value.

But in the opinion of many members of the gambling community, they think that card betting has some outstanding advantages. So paying the fee is understandable. Other forms of betting, although free, do not have the same advantages as phone scratch cards.

Therefore, the right to decide completely belongs to you. If you choose to bet on soccer online with a W88 phone card , let’s take a look at some of its outstanding advantages below.

Betting on soccer with phone scratch cards at W88

Online soccer betting using phone scratch cards is becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps what makes them so widely used is the following outstanding advantages:

High security

When using phone scratch cards to participate in soccer betting. Players are guaranteed safety. By using a scratch card, you just need to enter the card’s serial code and participate in betting. No need to use a bank account to deposit money into your account.

There have been many cases of unreliable bookmakers when players chose to deposit money using a bank account that was taken advantage of by hackers to withdraw money. This is especially dangerous if you are new to betting.

Therefore, if you do not want your bank account number or personal information to be disclosed. Please choose a form of phone scratch card transaction that is both safe, fast and very convenient. Profitable.

Easy, convenient and fast

Phone scratch cards are available everywhere. Everywhere you go, there are shops selling phone scratch cards. This allows you to participate in soccer betting anywhere you want.

Not to mention, using scratch cards does not require you to authenticate through many factors. Betting participants only need to enter the card number and serial code to complete the transaction.

This form is very suitable for players who do not have much time. Don’t have a bank account or don’t have much experience with online gambling

There are many methods for players to choose from

Scratch cards are not only used to recharge phones. But there are many other features such as recharging games and recharging accounts. payment via phone card… That’s why people provide these types of cards to produce large quantities of phone cards at many different prices to meet the needs of most consumers.

There is no limit to the number of deposits or times per day

Because the scratch card has a maximum value of 500,000 VND, the house usually allows players to have no limit on the deposit amount or daily deposit amount. This also means that you can comfortably participate in online soccer betting without interruption.

For other forms of betting, because the bank deposit process takes a long time, players will be limited in the amount of deposits per day to ensure the house can process players’ deposit requests quickly. possible.

Receive many promotions

Online soccer betting using phone scratch cards is considered a new form of betting. Therefore, when players use this form, the house will offer many attractive promotions. Each bookmaker has different promotions. But you should join a reputable house to receive many high-value gifts.

Manage your bets effectively

Scratch cards have a maximum value of 500,000 VND, so you can rely on this factor to implement a more effective money management strategy. Instead of depositing too much money for 1 play, you should deposit a small amount first and then gradually deposit larger amounts to ensure victory.


Above is online soccer betting using phone scratch cards. The information we want to send to you in today’s article. Hopefully through this article you will get a lot of useful information and learn the simplest way to bet on soccer with phone scratch cards.

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