Online Roulette W88 and things that make players excited

Online Roulette W88 is a game popular with investors everywhere. In Vietnam in recent years, this game has developed no less than in European and American countries. If you don’t know about the game, it’s a pity. Today W88 will bring you useful information about this type of betting. Let ‘s find out with W88.

A few things to know about online Roulette W88

What is Roulette?

Roulette is translated in French as small wheel. The feature of this game is that a ball is thrown into the spin. The wheel is numbered from 0 to 36 with alternating black and red colors, and the number 0 is blue. Players bet by placing chips on the table in the position they want. Wherever the ball stops on the wheel is the number that brings luck to the bettor. To put it simply, roulette is like lottery or vietlott games. With attractive prize rules and unique gameplay, it has attracted many players who want to try their luck with this game.

Online Roulette W88

Is playing online roulette W88 safe?

With the current situation, playing online roulette is a completely reasonable choice. The process of spinning and releasing the ball is shown directly to the player so you will not have to worry about cheating or interference. Especially with reputable bookmakers like W88, you can rest assured about the results of the spin. Deposits and withdrawals are done quickly and simply. Every day, thousands of people still log in to casinos to play roulette, which also partly confirms the reputation and quality of the house.

Instructions for playing online Roulette W88

Roulette has simple rules and high payouts, so it is often enjoyed by many people. Let’s learn about how to play this game with W88.

Basic online Roulette W88 rules

The rules of Roulette are very simple, but you also need to understand some of the following rules:

  • You can bet on multiple numbers/colors at once
  • Inside bets are bets on specific numbers on the table
  • Outside bets are bets on groups of numbers such as color, horizontal row, vertical column or even or odd numbers.
  • Rewards will be divided according to the probability of each type. For number bets, the highest win rate is up to 35 times because of the high risk. Meanwhile, black/red bets can only be won at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Roulette limits will be specified on the small board. So before betting, please pay attention to choosing the limit that suits your needs.

How to play online roulette W88 effectively in detail

  • Place a bet: You just need to choose the betting position such as inside bet or outside bet. Betting time will be regulated so be careful not to miss the opportunity.
  • Bonus spin: Lealer will spin the lucky wheel after the player finishes betting. The dealer will then drop the ball into the wheel. 
  • Check results and pay prizes: At the end of the spin, the dealer will read the results aloud. Based on the position of the ball, the winning result will appear. If you win you will be paid the bonus immediately according to the corresponding ratio. If the player loses, money will be deducted corresponding to the amount bet.

Some experiences when playing online roulette W88

W88 will share with you some experiences when playing online roulette drawn from experts. 

How to choose a table

Before placing a bet, find tables with players and observe carefully. This observation helps you understand the rules from which you can make some judgments. This is a game that depends heavily on luck but it also has rules. 

Double betting experience

Experience from experts shows that when you bet using the multiplier method, you will increase your chances of winning. This method is specific as follows: first you place 1 chip at the single and double tables, then if you don’t get a 0, you have lost your capital. In the next turn, you will place the opposite number on the number that appeared in the previous turn. The number of chips you place next will be more than the number of chips you placed before, and if you win any time, you will bet again from 1 chip. 

Know when to stop

Roulette is so exciting that you can lose control and spend too much time on it. Roulette is an entertainment game after all, so you need to set a stopping point for yourself to avoid falling into a bad situation. Every day you need to set a goal of winning as many chips as possible before stopping to avoid losing more and getting too caught up in this game. Although setting goals for the day is quite safe and boring, it will ensure you get regular benefits and avoid the risk of deficit and mental impact. 


Online Roulette W88 is becoming more and more familiar to Vietnamese people. With a simple method, 24/7 time creates convenience for players. Hopefully the information provided by W88 will help you find a new money-making channel. Sign up for W88 to try your luck.

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