Odds rates in soccer at W88

About Odds rates in soccer at W88. You often hear the terms handicap, Odds… these are common terms that soccer bettors are familiar with. If you want to win a betting contest, you need to learn carefully about this type of betting. Do you know what the Odds ratio is and how to predict these Odds? In this article W88 will answer everything you need to know about Odds .

What is the Odds rate?

Odds rate is a term in soccer betting. This is the percentage of money players earn when participating in soccer betting. This rate is set by the bookmaker and they adjust it according to the required level. It depends on the level and type of different bets.

In fact, less reputable and fraudulent bookmakers often cause bettors to lose. This could be a trap. Therefore, players need to research carefully and wisely when making decisions.

How to read Soccer Odds rates for beginners

To be able to bring home the best winning bets. Reading clearly and understanding how to read Odds rates is also very important for players. Especially for new players. So what is the correct way to read the odds? W88 will share with you as soon as possible.

In fact, Odds only has 2 main numbers: 0 and 5 according to this division. Soccer bets are divided into ¼, ½, 1 draw and 3/4. You need to follow and practice these rules to read the most accurate odds for the match.

As shared above, you must know that odds do not have endings like 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9. This is what you need to pay attention to when reading odds on betting websites to avoid being cheated. So, if the odds written on the page are 16.7 1.43… then you should round the number to 0 or 5, such as 16.70, 1.45,…

How to read Soccer Odds for beginners

What types of Odds are there in soccer betting?

Below are some basic soccer odds you may encounter:

European Odds Rate

When European odds are greater than 1, European odds are often used with 1×2 bets and score bets. Cross bets, etc., the winnings are equal to the European odds multiplied by the bet amount. But European betting odds are not the same as European betting odds.

Hong Kong Odds Rate

Hong Kong odds are not the same as European odds. Its odds will be greater than 0. The amount won when predicting this odds is equal to the amount you bet multiplied by the Hong Kong odds. and add the bet amount

Malaysia Odds Rate

Depending on the nature of each match, Odds Malaysia can be negative or positive.

For positive numbers: Winning bet amount = (Malaysian odds x Bet amount) + Bet amount If you lose the bet You will lose the original bet amount.

For negative numbers: Winning bet amount = (Bet amount x 1.00) + (Malaysian odds x Bet amount) When you lose the bet. The amount you collect = (Malaysian Odds x Bet Amount) + Bet Amount

Odds Indonesia rate

This type of odds is similar to Hong Kong odds. Indonesian betting odds calculation is based on different positive and negative numbers.

For negative numbers: Amount returned = (Bet amount / |Odds|) + Bet amount Amount deducted when losing bet = |Odds|

For positive numbers: Winning amount = (Odds x Bet amount) + Bet amount. When you lose your bet, the total amount you initially bet will be deducted.

Share your betting experience with Odds.

Currently on the market there are many ways to view odds that are widely shared by many experts in the Vietnamese football betting market. This will help you bet most effectively. Because this is a bet. Players can bet directly while the match is taking place. This not only helps players reduce losses. But it also increases your chances of winning in different types of soccer matches. Let’s see what the experience of predicting W88’s Odds rate is.

Ability to synthesize information

When a player places a bet, the Odds rate . The first thing players need to do is search and find out all the information before the match starts. Players need to evaluate the performance of both teams. Strength situation Ranking position Tactical map used by the Coach team for each team, home team, away team and other necessary factors.

You also have to synthesize information from different soccer review websites. This will be very helpful so you can make the best decision. You must closely follow the matches from start to finish to gain valuable playing experience.

Use math skills

What is the use of mathematical ability in negotiation? Using your math skills in competition will help you make the right decisions. In a match there are always three results: Win, Loss or Draw, even when the match takes place. But there is still a 33.33% chance of this happening in each of the above cases. However, there are some matches that are quite fair. Many competitions represent personal interest. If

Frequently asked questions about what are Odds rates?

In the share on W88, we explain what the Odds ratio is and how to read the odds. However, there are still some questions you may encounter when analyzing the odds below.

Is Odds betting the same as handicap betting?

Odds is the percentage of money you will win when participating in soccer betting. While handicap is another name for Asian handicap. This number is displayed as a number with calculations based on the goal difference between the two teams.

When should you bet?

In fact, looking at Football Odds includes looking at the predicted difference between matches. Odds rate here is understood as the cost rate converted into payment during the process of the player winning the bet. 


Above, W88 shared with you what the Odds rate is? Please visit W88 for more useful information about various forms of soccer betting!

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