What is live table tennis betting? Experience in table tennis betting

Live table tennis betting is probably no longer strange to bettors. However, not everyone knows how to play and the rules to ensure victory. So today W88 will share information about this live table tennis betting .

Instructions for betting on table tennis at W88

Besides football is the main sport. Table tennis betting is also very popular at bookmaker W88. Table tennis can be played alone or in pairs. Players must bounce the ball back and forth on a table protected by a net. The team that does not let the ball touch the ground wins.

Live table tennis betting is a game that involves betting on the results given by the house. Depending on each type of bet, players can choose the appropriate bet. Players receive prizes when they win bets.

Don’t worry too much if you are a newbie because there are experts at home. They will offer the most suitable odds to give players the best chance of winning.

Below are the table tennis betting odds you should refer to:

What is live table tennis betting?

Live table tennis betting odds


This type of live table tennis betting is popular with many people because it is relatively easy to play. When you place a handicap bet, the result will be considered the final result of the competition. First, the dealer will offer a handicap for players to choose from. This ratio is the number of points that a strong team scores against a weak team. This creates fairness throughout the game.

Over/Under odds

During the competition, players bet on the total number of points scored by both teams. If the bet number is higher than the house number, choose High and otherwise choose Low.

Odd/even bets

Before the competition ends, the Player predicts whether the total score will be even or odd. Then place a bet. The results will display the winning or losing amount that the player has bet.

To know the results in betting games You need to know how this sport calculates points:

In each match both teams must achieve 11 points. The team that scores 11 points first wins the game. However, if both have the same score, they must play 10 games. Until you lead your team by 2 points, you will win the game.

Calculate points in Live Table Tennis Betting

In table tennis matches, the number of matches is counted as 3, 5 or 7. Currently, each match has a maximum of 5 matches. The team that wins 3 matches in a row will win the entire match. And during the competition at the end of the match, both teams will exchange positions to be fair.

Betting and types of odds in table tennis

There are currently 4 types of bets that are popular with players:

  • Single Odds Betting
  • Live Odds Betting
  • Bet 1 round
  • Total score bet

Experience of live table tennis betting 

Live table tennis betting rules are not difficult. However, as a bettor you need experience to win easily:

Find information about the contest

In today’s world, there are many different big and small prizes. The rules and characteristics are also somewhat variable. You need to learn about the opposing teams and their strengths to be able to make accurate live table tennis betting predictions.

With continental tournaments, competition will be high. Winning and losing are difficult to predict. At the same time, this is the gathering place for many tennis players. People show off their talents and compete for their positions. The rewards are so large that your judgment is unlikely to be completely accurate. Carefully study the player’s achievements to be able to accurately predict the results.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

With the diversity and popularity of online gambling. There are many bookmakers for you to choose from to place bets. You need to find out the odds and bonuses that the bookmaker offers. Some people see the benefits right away but forget to research the house, causing great risks. You can bet on table tennis at W88 – the bookmaker maintains good data security. Deposit and withdraw money quickly.

Playing style of each player

The factor that determines the outcome of the match is the playing style of each player. Therefore, it is imperative that you carefully research this factor before deciding to bet. Many players are left-handed or right-handed. So, playing defense or offense will give them a chance to win. The more information you know about both teams, the better. The higher your chances of winning, the higher your chances of winning.

Spotting the difference in the first match doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win that match.

In every match, the closer you get, the better. If you see an excellent team, it shows that the team does not necessarily win the game. That could be a strategy to take your opponent’s cards. So, don’t rush to bet on a team when you’re not sure about the basics.


The information W88 has compiled above about live table tennis betting. Hopefully it will help table tennis players better understand the different types of table tennis bets. Understanding the game rules and experience will help you have extremely exciting experiences at W88.

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