Instructions for registering W88 quickly and easily

Bookmaker W88 has a long history and has a high reputation in the market. Therefore, the need to register and participate in betting here is also increasing. So how to register for W88 ? What steps are there and what do you need to keep in mind when betting here? Join W88 to learn the most detailed registration instructions in the article below.

How to register for W88 via mobile phone and PC

Bookmaker W88 has both a smartphone betting system and a website betting system. Now register w88 and get 90k. Therefore, you should join now. Players can choose 1 of the following 2 ways to register for W88:

  • Register for W88 via computer
  • Registering for W88 on a smartphone

Opening a betting account at bookmaker W88 using any device includes the same 3 basic steps, including:

When participating in the game, players need to access the official link of the house. However, in most cases this address cannot be accessed because Vietnamese IP is blocked.

However, you don’t need to worry. Because currently W88 is preparing some backup links. So that players can easily access it in case the homepage link is blocked.

Step 2: Fill in the form and confirm registration

When the player has access to the main website of bookmaker w88. You will need to create an account following the steps below.

Click the “Register” button in the top corner of the interface.

The registration form appears. Now you must fill in each blank field completely and accurately.
Required information: username, password, password confirmation.

After filling out, you must check the information to see if it is complete and accurate. Finally press the “Confirm” button below to complete W88 account registration.

Step 3: Complete W88 registration

After pressing confirm. You will receive a dialog box with the following message: “Successful registration. Welcome to W88. Thank you for registering your account…”

At this point, W88 registration is completed and you will be a member of the house from now on.

Register for W88 via mobile phone and PC
Instructions for registering W88

What to do if you cannot register as a W88 member?

Usually, registration fails for one simple reason: the link to W88 is blocked, making first-time W88 subscribers worried.

Currently, most online betting systems are very difficult to access in Vietnam. Because our country’s legal system does not allow this activity. However, you can try the following tips if you cannot access the W88 homepage:

The reputable and quality bookmaker W88 currently has many alternative and secondary links. Therefore, players can access W88 in banned countries. Therefore, you just need to look for reputable links to access them.

Case 2: Using IP hacking software to change the computer IP address

Recommended even if the link is still active. This is to ensure your own safety when participating in online gambling activities at W88. On the other hand, you can easily change DNS on your computer to access the W88 homepage.

What to do if you cannot register as a W88 member?
Instructions for registering W88

Notes when registering for W88 for participating players

Opening an online account at bookmaker w88 is quick and easy with just the 3 steps above. However, you need to pay attention to some of the issues below. So that W88 registration goes smoothly and your account is not locked due to abuse.

The information required to fill in step 2 must be correct, complete and accurate. You can completely trust it because W88 is one of the online bookmakers. Has the best security firewall available today.

The data must match 100% with the data you used to open the bank card

If you intentionally fill in false or inconsistent information. You will not be able to register for W88.

Also, if the information is incorrect. Deposits or withdrawals will be paused.

Players must be 18 years of age or older (based on date of birth entered above).

Check the system’s detailed terms and conditions on the website in the registration form.

Players can only register 1tk W88. Failure to do so will result in the entire account being permanently locked without prior notice.


With the steps shared on registering a W88 account in the article. Players only need to do a few simple steps and you can successfully register for w88 . Next, when you register, w88 will give you 90k for free betting. Players need to join the game and deposit money to start betting comfortably. Hopefully this article will help you gain more useful knowledge when playing betting games at w88. Wishing you good luck when betting at the bookmaker

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