Summary of super effective how to play Sic Bo at W88

How to play Sic Bo at W88Sic Bo today is gradually becoming more attractive to players in large numbers. Furthermore, the market for playing Sic Bo is also expanding. So do you know the trick to winning easily? Let’s join W88 to learn extremely effective how to play Sic Bo compiled from experts .

What is Sic bo W88

Sic bo is also known by another name, Sic bo, “big or small”, “hi-lo”… Tai Xiu in Chinese is understood as “big – small”, the name shows the characteristics of this game. In English, it is called “Sic Bo” and is abbreviated as O/U.

Simply put, Sic Bo is a type of betting game. In it, bookmakers will give any number of predictions for each match. Each player’s task is to predict the final result of the match. If the number given is higher or lower than the house’s number, they will win.

This game is currently very popular in the world and is widely applied in many other areas of social life, not just in casinos. It is used in basketball, football, tennis matches… In addition to live play, Sic bo also has online play. Online Sic Bo is currently very popular with players around the world.

The most effective and easy-to-win how to play Sic Bo from W88 

Besides understanding what Sic Bo is, using tips to win is also extremely important. Therefore, below are some how to play Sic Bo that W88 shares so that you can confidently participate at the bookies.

The most effective and easy-to-win how to play Sic Bo from W88 

How to play Sic Bo and Double Bet 

How to play is called loyal when you only play with 1 door from the beginning to the end, it is definitely effective for the user. You just need to bet on over or under, the first game you will lose, don’t give up, you can continue to double your money by betting on that bet. Until you win.

The following W88 example helps you better understand Sic Bo, assuming you are betting on even numbers:

  • The first time, if you bet 100k = > lose.
  • The second time you bet increases to 200k => loses again.
  • Third time bet on 400k => lose again.
  • The fourth time, bet x2 and the third time is 800k => continue to lose.
  • The 5th time you bet 1600k => Definitely win.
  • The 6th time you return to the original level and place 100k again

Betting like that you will always win, playing this way you must have a fairly high amount of investment capital. In particular, this Sic Bo tip has some houses that prohibit you from playing it, so please pay attention. 

How to play Sic Bo prediction when placing Sic bo from W88

When using the Sic Bo soi bridge method in Sic Bo betting, users need to understand the popular bridge types such as Bet Bridge and Dao Bridge. The Bridge consists of two types of bridges: the over bridge and the under bridge. The platform here means that these doors exit consecutively. When playing, if you encounter a flat ball that appears 5 to 10 times in a row, then catch it the 4th time.

As for the island bridge, the Sic Bo bridge alternates between each other, usually lasting 4-6 games. There are more cases but there are less than usual. Players should learn these principles and rules before placing bets so they can keep up with demand and not miss opportunities.

Experience in choosing an Sic Bo table with many players from W88

When playing traditional Sic Bo or playing online, you should choose a table with many participants. With crowded tables, cheating is very difficult. A crowded table gives you more opportunities to observe and learn more about other people’s Sic Bo tips.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to learn more tips and tricks for playing Sic Bo from many people at one table. If you are at a table with few people, your chance of winning is very low, so you need to pay attention to choosing a table to win.

Choose W88 to play – reputable and safe bookmaker

Currently, many people can see the popularity and demand of many people in the Sic bo betting market. And accordingly, many online bookies were established, providing Sic bo betting services.

But to ensure player safety and get the best experience, players must research each bookmaker individually before participating. Because there are many fake and fraudulent units established and are not legitimate bookmakers.

This puts players in danger of not only participating in illegal bets but also losing money unfairly. Even personal information and betting exchanges were also leaked. Therefore, at this point, players need to pay more attention.

Don’t bet everything and play too recklessly 

If you don’t want to lose money unfairly on this game, you have to know how to wait for the opportunity – something you need to know when playing. With W88’s experience and playing style , in this case you must not be too hasty in placing bets and everything must be calm and careful. Every step affects your success. Waiting is the top keyword for you to play Sic Bo casino effectively and achieve the most success. You need to give yourself time to wait and make a choice at the most appropriate time. Thus the winning rate will be increased higher.

Normally, after opening the game, it is Over and then it will be Under, and it will definitely be Over. At this time, bet big to get the wins and the opportunity to get the highest profits.


The above article is the data that W88 brings. Hopefully, you can understand more about how to play Sic Bo. Thereby, you can grasp a lot of information related to how to play Sic Bo to have the perfect bet, wishing you success soon.

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